When the moisture and the elasticity of the skin is lost it leads to wrinkles. Wrinkles is commonly observed with old age. Prominent wrinkles appear on the skin when the elastin as well as the collagen found in the joining tissues of the skin becomes weak or reduce in number. Wrinkles are more commonly observed on the face area, the neck and the skin of the hands. Although aging is the main cause of wrinkles, however, there are several other causes which may result in wrinkles such as excessive exposure to direct sunlight, smoking, air pollution, drug abuse, depression, extreme weight loss and Vitamin E deficiency in the body.

It is possible to avoid wrinkles with simple home cures. If not avoid it altogether the following tips will help you make the wrinkles less prominent.

1. The best way to treat wrinkles is by applying egg white directly on the affected skin. Beat the eggs properly, apply them on wrinkles and wash off after it is completely dry.

2. Another simple and efficacious home cure is taking out the content after breaking three Vitamin E capsules. To this content add two teaspoon yoghurt, half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply this mix on the wrinkles using a sponge or cotton. Wash off after ten minutes.

3. The following herbal mix will help in reducing the early signs of aging. Add ¼ cup comfrey infusion, ¼ cup witch hazel and ten drops of herbal patchouli oil. Mix properly and save this mixture in a glass bottle. Apply on the wrinkles skin every night before sleeping.

4. This is the simplest of all home remedies. Simply apply coconut oil on the skin everyday. It is more beneficial if you apply it before sleeping at night. Make this a habit for your life and your skin will remain wrinkle free for a long-long time.

5. Mix a little turmeric powder (haldi) in freshly squeezed sugarcane juice such that it becomes a paste. Apply the same on the wrinkles everyday. Let the paste dry and then wash off.

6. Take a green grape without any seed and slice it into two half. Gently rub a piece of grape on the skin. Let the skin absorb the grape juice for about twenty minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

7. Gently rubbing the center of a pineapple on the skin showing signs of wrinkles is a beneficial home cure. Leave your skin to dry off and absorb the fruit juice for ten minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

8. If you apply fresh lemon juice twice in a day then your wrinkles will definitely start fading in.

9. Applying juice of apple as well as green pineapple for ten minutes everyday is a beneficial remedy. This home cure does not only lessen the wrinkles it also cures cracked heels and skin.

10. Massaging the wrinkles skin with castor oil is really beneficial in getting rid of the wrinkles.

11. If the wrinkles are starting to make its appearance on the eye then leave a metal spoon all-night in the deep freezer. The next morning place the back of spoon over the eyes. This home cure will also help in getting rid of dark circles.