Health experts recommend Echinacea and Golden Seal as two great immunity stimulants to fortify your body against viruses. To read more about Echinacea click here.  How can you seal your health and enhance your immunity against the contagious flu with Golden Seal? Let’s find out.

If Echinacea is a top selling herb then Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis) is not far behind. Though there are contradictions to the popular claim that it boosts immunity it is still a favourite among the crowds, irrespective of its price. Native to North America, Golden Seal is a herb that is very unfriendly to bacteria. Since it is antimicrobial, it is used for the topical treatment of canker sores, mouth ulcers and sore throat. Thanks to Berberine, a bitter antibiotic, generally considered ineffective. Berberine inhibits the Streptococci attaching to the throat and prevents the growth of other pathogens.

Local application of the tincture or the bark powder of Golden Seal can treat gum disease, conjunctivitis, vaginal infection, eczema, impetigo, and inflammations of the ear. Berberine also has a sedative effect on the central nervous system. Other than Berberine, Golden Seal also contains a group of isoquinoline alkaloids hydrastine, canadine, berberastine, hydrastinine tetrahydroberberastine, and canalidine.

With Echinacea, Godlen Seal is found to treat Upper Respiratory Infections and even the flus. By lining the mucus membranes it helps your respiratory system, clear your sinus and reduce chest congestion. It is also a known astringent, diuretic, laxative, stomachic, tonic, and a vermifuge agent. Golden Seal is a reliable remedy to some who wish to  get rid of Urinary Tract Infections. Since Canadine in the herb can stimulate uterine contractions, pregnant women are warned against it. Echinacea is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses like dyspepsia, diphtheria, gastric catarrh, skin rashes, scarlet fever, smallpox, venereal disease, vomiting, internal inflammations, spinal meningitis, and poor blood circulation in mucous membranes.

The best part is that when you take herbs like Echinacea and Golden Seal as opposed to antibiotics they help your body to sustain the ‘good’ bacteria while destroying the ‘bad’ bacteria. Your ‘good’ bacteria aids your body to fight the ‘bad’ ones and also helps you in the process of digestion. Golden Seal is a great fighter of bacteria, yeast, and fungi including Escherichia coli, Giardia, Salmonella and Candida. It cannot be overlooked that Goldenseal is also a great source of iron, manganese, silicon and certain other minerals. So, there is no other way to stop the flu than building a good immunity.

Important Note: Generally a safe herb, Golden Seal is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children and those with hypertension, kidney disease or cardiovascular problems. An overdose of Golden Seal can be fatal!

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