Shalabh Asana: How to Get Relief from Painful Acidity, Indigestion and Tension!

Shalabh asana relieves acidity, indigestion and nervous tension. It also improves the blood circulation and relaxes the spinal muscles.

Steps to do Shalabh asana:

– Lie down on the floor mat on your abdomen.

– Rest your chin on the floor and keep the arms at your sides.

– Keep your heels and legs together.

– Fold your palms into Aadi mudra (thumb at the base of the little finger and rest of the fingers wrapping the thumb) and put them under your groin area.

– Inhale while lifting both your legs together (up to 6 inches above the floor) while your chin is resting on the ground.

– While lifting the legs pressure must be applied to the fists and do not bend the legs.

– Breathe deeply for 10 seconds in this pose and exhaling slowly bring your legs down.

– Repeat thrice. Feel the stretch on your back and relax.

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