Do you pass your entire day gazing at the monitor of your screen, just like me? If yes, then you must be familiar with tired eyes, aching brows and an exhausted you. If it is not computer screen, then it is a mobile screen or television or one of those gaming devises like gameboy or playstation. This is the way our lifestyle is. We cannot change it, however, we can at least adopt one holistic approach to improve the health of our eyes. Yoga exercise for the eyes is one such approach.

The principle is that the actual state of the human body should be serene, but when we stare continuously at the screen the harmful artificial rays coming from it creates imbalance. Also, when you read information on the computer the brain stresses and tries to absorb the info. This stresses the whole body, yes your eyes as well. All these reasons make it all the more essential for you to practice yoga exercises for the sake of your eyes.

First of all you must ease your mind and relax your body as if you are in meditation. Forget about anything with screen for the next ten minutes.

Bettering Visual Concentration

  1. The first thing is to improve your visual concentration. Sit in a comfortable position with your back and neck in an upright position but don’t stiffen it up. Begin by practicing each posture for couple of minutes and bit by bit increase the time.
  2. Start by fixing your gaze on the nose tip, do not blink. Keep looking at your nose tip for as long as possible. Then gently close your eyes and ease yourself.
  3. Now focus on your third eye area again without blinking. According to yogic principles, the third eye is said to be located above the nose and right in the middle of both the eyebrows. Then gently close your eyes again and relax. You may feel awkward and uneasy in the beginning, but keep practicing until the uneasiness disappears. With regular practicing focusing on your third eye area you will be comfortable with this eye posture.
  4. Next, focus your sight on your left shoulder joint area, do not turn your head. Continue gazing as long as possible. Then gently close your eyes. Open them again and now shift your gaze to your right shoulder.
  5. After you are through with the three eye positions, rub your palms vigorously till they are warm and then place them over your closed eyes. Keep them this way for a short while.

Imagination to improve Visual Concentration

Lie flat on your back facing straight up. Your hands should be straight and your palms should be facing the ceiling. Your legs should be straight and about shoulder-breadth apart.

Now close your eyes gently. Take a deep breath. Feel your tummy expand as your breath fills your tummy. Slowly breathe out. Continue this exercise for five to fifteen times. Now gently open your eyes and fix your gaze at a point on the ceiling. Gently close your eyes and continue ‘looking’ at that point with closed eyes. You will know what I mean by looking with closed eyes once you practice it. This yogic exercise helps in distressing your eyes. It balances visual focus with imaging as well.