Six Healthy Habits For the Busy Bees

Do you keep regular exercising on the back burner due to lack of time? Are you so caught up in juggling between home and work, commuting long distances and sticking to gruesome time bound projects? Then read these simple ways to energize yourself and get a little bit of exercise too.

  • Anytime between your work schedule when you take a 10 minutes break instead of checking Facebook you rather go for a short walk or have a healthy snack.
  • Also re energize your body and mind with a 20 minutes nap after your afternoon meal. It will keep you more productive for the rest of the day.
  • For breakfast include fruit and veggie smoothies and add some soymilk to it. It is the perfect nutritious, filling and wholesome snack.
  • Once back home while you are lazing on the couch watching TV, you might as well take a round or two of the house during the commercial breaks. Simple but yet very effective!
  • And of course don’t forget to have a lot of fluids to avoid fatigue and frequent headaches. It is much better than those pain killers.

For simple practices to include in your daily routine read thenectarcollective.

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