Curb insomnia with these Ayurvedic tips!

After being stuck in the world of buzzing activity, everybody deserves a good night’s sleep. But what if your disturbed brain is keeping you away from the slumber land you so badly want to visit.?

Affecting about one third of the world’s population, insomnia is more of a symptom than a disease; characterized by lack of sleep, difficulty falling asleep and early awakening which results in day time irritability, fatigue and drowsiness.  Feeling tired upon waking, waking up too often at night, problems with concentration or memory, sleepiness during the day and general tiredness are among the many other symptoms of insomnia.

What keeps you awake at those ungodly hours and makes you stare at your ceiling?

There are many answers to this question. Poor lifestyle habits, pain, emotional stress, use of certain medications or drugs and more!

Changes in Lifestyle can Help Sleep Peacefully

Habits such as daytime napping, not getting any physical activity, long gaps between meals, intake of caffeinated drinks, overeating, hunger, excessive use of gadgets before sleep and irregular sleep-wake cycle are lifestyle habits which cause sleeplessness at night.

Insomnia due to Other Health Problems

Using medications/drugs for conditions such as cold, allergies, blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, thyroid problems, and diet pills also contribute towards insomnia.  People suffering from irregular digestion and constipation are more prone to insomnia. Healthy body is required for a stress free and healthy mind, if not it may result in insomnia.

What Ayurveda Offers

Looking from an Ayurvedic perspective, aggravation of the vata dosha is the main culprit that causes insomnia. This aggravation is caused due the poor lifestyles habits mentioned earlier. Ayurveda also says that insomnia can be caused due to deranged tarpaka kapha, sadhaka pitta and prana vata which control the brain, heart and the nervous system respectively. Imbalance in any of these systems causes insomnia.

Here’s what you can do to fight poor sleep at night. Home Remedies for Insomnia.

  • Massage the crown of your head and the sole of your feet with Ksheerabala oil before retiring to bed.
  • Take a glass of milk with a pinch of cardamom powder to facilitate good sleep.

  • Take Brahmi or Jatamansi capsules daily.

  • You can also use the herb Tagara (Valerian) to enhance your sleep.

  • Drink celery juice mixed with a tbsp of honey to ensure sound sleep.

  • Take 1 tsp, of liquorice powder (Yashtimadhu Powder) along with a glass of milk on empty stomach every morning.

  • Include whole grains, cereals and pulses in your diet as these are rich in thiamine (Vitamin B1), which helps treat insomnia.

  • Consuming tea made of aniseed can be very helpful.

  • Perform the procedure ‘Shiro dhara’ which helps relieve stress and tension, inducing a good sleep.

Always remember to have a low salt diet, exclude white flour, food additives and fried foods. Taking a warm bath at bed time not only cleanses the body but also the mind. You can also try practising  yogasanas like shirsasana, sarvangasana, paschimotthanasana and shavasana. Make sure to eliminate all the stress factors and correct your bowel problems.

Follow any of these tips and you no longer will have to count the sheep.