Moderation is a key to everything! A phrase we hear more than often in regard to our daily habits. And moderation with respect to our sleeping hours is also no different. Getting too little sleep (less than 6 hours a day) every day can cause coronary heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and obesity. Research now shows that getting too much ¬†(10 hours or more a day) sleep daily can also be bad for health. It was found that those who slept for longer hours carried a greater risk of diabetes, heart diseases and anxiety compared to those who slept for lesser number of hours. If you average more than seven or eight hours of sleep per night, problems like frequent headaches, back pain and depression also creep in.¬†While a good night’s sleep helps our body get enough rest and rejuvenates us for the next day, oversleeping can hurt our health. A routine with 7-8 hours of regular sleep is just the right sleep hygiene one needs to follow to be mentally and physically fit.

Speak to your physician if you are not getting optimum sleep. Most often it is just a bad habit that needs to be changed.