Herbal remedies are incredibly natural. On the other aspect, it could be harmful alternatives. It depends on how you use them. You should employ these remedies with the same care and consideration that you use with prescription medicines. But there is a problem. The prescription medicines are very expensive and the herbs are cheaper than those prescription medicines. You could save lot money if you use the herbal remedies for your condition.


It’s very important for you to consult your doctor or other licensed practitioner before you begin any herbal regimen. Be especially cautious with herbal remedies if you are pregnant or nursing. With some exceptions, herbs taken in medicinal quantities can harm your baby.


You could ask a healthcare professional who can recommend the proper dosage and combination for your medical issue. If you are taking any other medication, check with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure that there will not be any undesired interactions. It’s time to consult with your pediatrician before administering herbal remedies to your child, and pay attention to the recommended dosage for children. It’s very important because the children could be allergic for the herbs.


It is very important to research the herbs before you use any herb or herbal supplement. Learn its side effects and possible interactions with any drugs you may be taking. Because herbs are not always correctly labeled, so you should properly identify the each herb before you buy or use it -Take one new herbal remedy at a time. This gives your body enough time to adapt to the herb. Take this herb for at least two weeks before you add another herb or herbal formula. Sometimes, allergic reactions will not develop until weeks or months after you begin using an herb or herbal supplement.


You should take at half the recommended dose of new remedy. This enables you to track any allergies or other adverse reactions. Take this lower dose for about three days and increase it to the full dose if there are no harmful side effects. You should stop taking the herbal preparation if you experience any adverse reactions such as nausea, headaches, diarrhea or an upset stomach. Wait to see if the symptoms persist. Call your doctor immediately if your reaction is severe. You’d better not exceed the recommended dosages of any herbal remedy. They contain powerful chemical compounds although they are natural herbs. The herbs can be prescription drugs. They can be harmful. They can be toxic when you take them in large amounts.

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