Soothe Your Burns with Natural Remedies!

Burns are the most common injuries you face in your day to day life while cooking, ironing, bathing with hot water, etc. It may be superficial or deep. Depending on the intensity, burns are categorised as below-

  • First degree – Affects superficial layer of skin causing redness and mild pain.
  • Second degree – reaches the deeper layers of skin leading to blister formation and more pain.
  • Third degree – Burns all the layers of skin and affects blood vessels, nerves. Usually, they are painless and skin becomes white and leathery.

Signs and Symptoms of Burns

  • Redness of skin.
  • Pain and burning sensation.
  • Appearance of blisters.
  • Shock in a case of extensive burns.

Natural Remedies for Burns

  • Apply aloe vera gel or pure honey or Yashtimadhu taila, Jatyadi ghrita or Jatyadi taila on the affected area.
  • Expose the burnt part immediately to running tap water.
  • You can apply clean damp cotton piece or gauze piece to relieve pain and burning sensation.
  • Remove any artificial items like bangles, ring, watch, bracelet, etc. immediately.
  • In superficial burns, press the affected area with a pinch of salt to prevent blister formation.
  • If blister appears don’t attempt to break it.
  • You can apply pure turmeric with aloe vera gel.
  • You can cover your wound with a layer of pure honey. Honey contains hydrogen peroxide and acts as barrier against bacterial growth, thus prevents wound infection.
  • If you have any antiseptic ointments you can apply it. Don’t bandage.
  • Eat vitamin C and protein rich foods to enhance healing.
  • Internally you can take amalaki or yashtimadhu or sariva cold infusion to cool your body. Triphala guggulu can be taken to manage pain.
  • Extract the juice from coriander leaves and drink half glass twice a day or soak some coriander seeds in drinking water and use it for drinking. This will helps to reduce the burning sensation.
  • Once the wound is healed you can apply Yashtimadhu taila or almond oil daily to reduce the scars.
  • In the case of severe burns, try to move the person from the site of the accident to ventilated place. This will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t immerse severe burns in water, it may precipitate shock. Try to do CRP and hospitalise the person.
  • Follow pitta hara measures – How to Balance Pitta Dosha

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