Stay Healthy. Do Not Be a Victim to Obesity.

According to the Head of National Health Science, England, Obesity has become the ‘new smoking’ problem in terms of its negative impact on health. Being significantly overweight leads to a host of other health issues such as Heart disease, High BP, Diabetes etc. The thumb rule for maintaining ideal weight is to ensure that our food and drink intake must always be lesser than the energy output from daily activity. Regular walking or cycling, limiting the amount of fast food, opting to use the stairs instead of the lift and cutting down on calorific foods such as fried foods, fatty items, biscuits and sweets are simple everyday measures you can begin with.

Alcoholic drinks are a source of extra calories and therefore need to be avoided at all costs. Start taking action yourself now and encourage everyone around you to start living the healthy way and beat the obesity monster.

For more details read bbcnews.

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