Your Sunscreen May Prove More Harmful Than The Sun!

Sunshine is an inevitable part of our lives. It helps in the synthesis of vitamin D that makes your bones stronger with calcium absorption. Sunshine helps your liver work better and stimulates feel good hormones. This explains why you feel low when the sun does not come out!

However, the sun exposure needs to be selective for a limited period of time. Too much of the sun may cause a number of harmful effects on your skin. This is because of UV rays. UV rays are Ultra Violet rays that are of 2 types- UV-A and UV-B. They can damage your skin and cause the following:

  • Tanning
  • Sunburn
  • Pre-mature ageing of the skin
  • Skin cancer
  • Eye damage
  • Suppress the immune system

One of the easiest ways to block the harmful sun rays is to splash on a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. But, did you realise even sun screen can prove to be harmful for your skin?

You need to be careful when buying sunscreen as certain combinations are harmful to health. Check the label for the following harmful ingredients:

  • Oxybenzone: It helps the other chemicals get absorbed in your skin better. When it comes in contact with UV rays, it causes eczema like reactions on your skin.
  • Retinyl palmitate: It is supposed to ward off the ageing effects of UV rays. However, on contact with UV rays, it breaks down and causes damage to the DNA and even lead to cancer.
  • Octinoxate: It helps other chemicals to get absorbed in the skin easily. However, it can disrupt your estrogen levels and cause premature ageing by releasing free radicals.
  • Homosalate: It helps absorb the UV rays. It gets absorbed in your skin very quickly and causes hormonal damage.
  • Octocrylene: When exposed to UV rays, it releases oxygen radicals in your skin that damage body cells.
  • Paraben Preservatives: They are suspected to cause breast cancer. They also cause allergic break outs, disturb the hormone flow and cause reproductive toxicity.

Alarmed? Always check the labels for ingredients before buying sunscreen. Avoid buying if the sunscreen enlists any of these substances mentioned above. See more at

Some Sunscreen Myths Busted

Myth# The higher the SPF, more effective the sunscreen!

Fact: Not true! Logically speaking, a sunscreen with an SPF of 60 should be double effective than one with an SPF of 30. But in reality the difference is minimal. Besides, you need to apply a fairly good quantity of sunscreen to block out the sun. Slap on the sunscreen at least half an hour before stepping out in the sun and reapply every 2 hours.

Myth# You don’t need to apply reapply ‘Water resistant’ sunscreen after sweating!

Fact: Wrong! No sunscreen is absolutely waterproof. Even if it is labeled as being ‘water resistant’ it is for a short time. You actually need to apply the sunscreen again after you break into a sweat, after a bath or after you are back from swimming.

Myth# Makeup with SPF is as good as regular sunscreen!

Fact: Not exactly! It is good to apply makeup SPF but it cannot replace regular sunscreen. Besides the makeup needs to be applied in a thick layer to block UV rays, that most women rarely do. Also makeup cracks after a while that allows UV rays to penetrate through the skin. The best way out is to apply sunscreen under makeup.

Myth# Too much sunscreen can make you deficient in Vitamin D!

Fact: Not possible! You only need 10-15 minutes of sunshine early in the morning to get plenty of vitamin D. Sunrays are less harsh at dawn and dusk. Besides, you can let indirect sunshine into your home through windows or balconies. You need the sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays outdoors. UV-A rays cause pre-mature ageing and UV-B rays cause skin burning.

Under normal circumstances we do not require Vitamin D supplements if we get exposure to sun daily.

How to beat sun damage naturally?

Sunscreen with antioxidants is more effective. Antioxidants are good supplements to sunscreens. They indirectly reduce skin damage by reducing free radicals formation.

Go Ayurvedic with Indigenous Sunscreen! Wondering how? Neem! Neem Oil is alkaline in nature that lowers the acid content on your skin. It also keeps your skin well moisturized. It does not react to the harsh sunlight. The best part is that it is one of the safest ways to save your skin from the sun!

How to apply?

Just apply a thin layer of Neem oil according to the nature of your skin. Reapply it after every 2 hours.

Do share your remedies to beat sun with us!

3 thoughts on “Your Sunscreen May Prove More Harmful Than The Sun!

  • July 27, 2014 at 6:14 am

    also u can use besan that is gram flour(chana pith) with turmeric and fresh milk cream for bathing. it keeps skin safe from UV rays.

  • July 27, 2014 at 6:14 am

    also u can use besan that is gram flour(chana pith) with turmeric and fresh milk cream for bathing. it keeps skin safe from UV rays.

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