How conscious and cautious are you?

It is considered foolish to spend long hours in front of the mirror or to cry over the increasing number of scars or pimples. When a medical student asked a cure for her painful pimples her superior rebuked her. He said that there are worse things around which need attention than a pimple of adolescence. When a young patient was duly concerned about her sinusitis and headache her GP waved it off saying that it is nothing that needs serious attention. But do you really ignore those symptoms which may turn out to be the red-light warning sent by your body?

A doctor would wave off a symptom only when he is sure that it does not indicate anything serious. But a common man cannot do so with ease. Here are some symptoms explained for the benefit of common man.

  1. Headaches are the biggest headaches that trouble one and all. A headache may be due to indigestion, stress, tension, fever, cold, sinus, migraine, menstruation, vision problems and the like. We ignore them, use a balm or swallow a Crocin or an Anacin and forget it until it comes back again without shame or remorse. But headache accompanied by stiff neck and fever can be an indicator of Meningitis. It may also indicate stroke.
  2. Black moles are commonly found in different parts of the body. Some of them which interfere with beauty are removed with the help of cosmetic surgery. But one has to fear Melanoma or Black Mole Cancer too. Short bursts of sunlight is found to be the main cause for Melanoma. Moles are rarely cancerous. They are harmless skin growths, flat or protruding with flesh colored to dark brown or black ones. If your mole is asymmetrical and not round, with more than 1/4 inch diameter and is changing, then you need medical help.
  3. I was asked for a thyroid check when I was found losing weight. Loss of appetite and weight with no real reason is a call for attention. In the same way, undue weight gain may also indicate a medical condition like ovarian cancer.
  4. Black or bloody stools may indicate a serious problem. It is not your food that turns the stool in to black or bloody color. At this juncture only a doctor can rule out the chances of serious disabilities or diseases like bleeding cancer. It may happen if there is a hemorrhage inside from an ulcer in the stomach or the small intestine.
  5. Do you know the signs of stroke? You need to, in order to prevent any serious and irreversible damage to the brain and to prevent the loss of life. Slurred speech, confusion, paralysis, weakness, tingling, burning pains and numbness are the red alerts to stroke.
  6. Testicular Cancer may manifest itself in the form of lumps in the groin. Men have to self-examine regularly to prevent Testicular cancer.
  7. Uterine cancer is another danger to humanity where women find vaginal bleeding even after their normal periods.
  8. Brain tumor is most often detected from a severe and intolerable headache. But every time a headache need not indicate a tumor. Tumor causes headache when it pushes on the outer layer of nerve tissue that covers the brain or when it presses against pain-sensitive blood vessel walls.I can’t forget my pretty long-haired classmate who always complained of brain tumor and was later diagnosed and operated for tumor.

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