here are many spices and herbs that we use in our everyday cooking that are very good for digestion. Good digestion is the key to good health. The symptoms of bad digestion are gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue and diarrhoea. Improper digestion can fill your body with toxins and result in sluggish movement of your entire body.

Here are a list of herbs and spices, which can aid digestion when used in everyday cooking:

1. Anise: This is a spice used commonly in Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Persian, Vietnamese and Pakistani cuisines. Anise is added to baked food like cookies, muffins and sweet bread. Anise is also added in jams, jellies as well as pies. Anise is also added in curries, stews and several soups. Apart from helping the digestion process, anise is helpful in avoiding epileptic attack.

2. Basil: Basil is extremely popular in cooking Italian and American food. Basil is used for seasoning. It is also added in pesto sauce. Basil is rich in flavonoids which help in protecting the human cells. Basil also has anti bacterial properties which help in fighting many bacterial infections.

3. Bay leaf: Bay leaf is also known as bay herb. It is usually used in the French and Mediterranean cuisines. Bay leaf is added in the start to any dish because it takes some time for the essence of the bay leaf to spread to the whole dish. Bay leaves are used in the herbal treatment of diabetes and migraines.

4. Cardamom: You can buy cardamom in the form of seeds, pods or even powder. Cardamom is used in Indian cooking to deepen the savoury or sweet flavour in curries or desserts. Apart from helping the digestion process, cardamom improves metabolism and is known to be an aphrodisiac.

5. Coriander: Available as seeds and in powder form. Used in Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, American and African cooking. Coriander has Vitamins and minerals. Apart from aiding digestion, it is used to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, get rid of mouth ulcers, cure menstrual problems and anaemia.

6. Dill: The dill seeds as well as leaves are used in cooking vegetable and egg. Dill is also used in cooking soups, pickles, dressings, salads and shellfish. Dill helps digestion process and is also rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and minerals. Just one tablespoon of dill has more calcium than you get from 1/3 cup of milk.

7. Fennel: It is also referred to as fish herb. Fennel is commonly used in Italian and French cuisine. Fennel is also used in making Indian curries. Fennel is helpful in improving digestion and it is also a rich source of Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, niacin, folate, magnesium, copper and calcium.

8. Ginger: A very important part of the Asian cuisine. It can be used a tea also. Ginger has amazing health benefits apart from being digestion aid.

9. Oregano: Oregano is many a time combined with basil in cooking. It is usually used in making roasted veggies, salads, seasoning of cheese dishes and soups. Oregano is helpful in digestion and it is a potent antibacterial.

10. Rosemary: This herb is used in French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Rosemary has many health benefits including better digestion; cure for cold, headache, tension and to improve memory.

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