There are two basic maxims for brain health, curiosity and variety. When you are able to do anything easily, you need to take a step further. See if you are able to solve a suduko puzzle in two minutes, you have to try a more difficult thing in order to stimulate your brain. Be curious at all hours, how things work, why things are the way they are will keep your brain effectively working fast. Try the below given tips to increase your brain health.

1 Games: Games such as crosswords, suduko and other similar games will help increase the speed of your brain and improve the memory as well. Games that involve logic, mathematics, word puzzles are all helpful in improving the brain power. Plus, these games are lot of enjoyment. Do not spend hours together on these games … just fifteen minutes everyday will do the trick.

2. Meditation: Meditation works wonders for the brain as well as your body. Meditation relaxes the brain as well as gives your brain a kind of workout. Meditation helps in creating a serene mental state; it rejuvenates your brain and increases the overall health of your brain.

3. Eat right: Your brain needs good fats. Include more of wild salmon fish oil, several nuts including walnuts, flax seed and olive oil. Avoid saturated fats. Get rid of transfats from your daily diet.

4. Share good stories: Stories help solidify memories in your brain. Practice by telling short stories or events, old or new, of the present time or historical days, and try to make them sound interesting, fun as well as compelling. Try to read the expressions of the people to whom you are narrating the story to.

5. Switch Off That Idiot Box: On an average a person watches approximately three to four hours of television each day. Television acts as a distraction and also comes in between your relations as well as your daily life. Switch your Television off and concentrate more on keeping your mind and body active.

6. Exercise: Physical workout is good for brain too. When you workout then your brain is also actively trying to learn new skills, calculate distance and practice balancing of the body. Try different exercises to stimulate your brain.

7. Read books on different subjects: Books can be carried along, they are loaded with unlimited information, different characters, interesting facts and information. Try something different from what you usually read. If you read fiction then try reading biographies for once. Read books written by different authors from different eras. Reading books will also give you more stories to tell people. This will again stimulate your brain plus increase your perspective on varies subjects.

8. Keep learning: Learning new skills and techniques will activate various areas of your brain. By learning new skills you start associating things in different manner and learn new things. Try simple things like cooking or making a ship from ice cream sticks.

9. Change is good: We follow the same routine everyday, which becomes our second nature. Our brain is used to that routine thus it starts working less and less to accomplish that routine. Try simple changes to increase your brain health, like changing your route, buying things from a new store or trying a new hobby. This will wake up your brain.

10. Train it: Brain training will help you in long run. Try a simple brain training program to stimulate your brain.