This is a special guest article by Holly Hayden

There have been countless blessings which have come from modern medicine. It has done miracles for people in this age and as a result, the average life expectancy has increased quite a bit.

However, there are some downsides that have occurred due to this rapid advancement. Every innovation has its disadvantages and as technology progresses, we will also notice strange new health problems arising.

For example, previously after the industrial revolution, processed foods have become increasingly popular due to its marketability and convenience for production on a mass scale level. The human body responds to this change in diet accordingly. The reaction can include anything from constipation to colon disease on an extreme level. As an even earlier illustration, there have even been studies where there was a sharp increase in appendicitis among early 19th century African slaves after adapting to a processed diet that’s popular among industrialized countries.

If the human body suffers digestive problems from these dietary changes, modern medicine comes into play by curing the symptoms but rarely eliminates the cause of a deeper biological incongruence.

For example, with the advent of modern surgical and anesthetic techniques, it seems like many people in 1st world nations forget about older forms of treatment. People rarely consciously practice the highest form of health care which is prevention, when it comes to digestive health. Even worse, pills and surgery became such a commonly recommended treatment by health authorities that people neglect that long term consequences follow if you simply forget the existence of a deeper issue and resort to quick fixes. As one example, surgery for hemorrhoids does not always heal properly because the tissue is not meant to be altered in such an unnatural manner.

Another fix that is popular is chemical-based medication. Because of the powerful effects that chemistry can have on the human body, it seems to be a more powerful effect at first glance. However, this hides a very dark reality that manifests in the form of random side-effects in the beginning. In the more extreme cases, it can damage one’s immune system or cause other disorders to occur.

A prime example is mental or anxiety medication that aims merely to change certain natural chemicals in the brain or nervous system. It intends to call these imbalances but never addresses the issue of root problems in a person’s life.

Another example is if one is suffering from hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid creams are placed upon the tissue to relax the blood vessels. This does have the temporal effects but does not resolve anything in the long-run. Once the creams effect wears off (assuming it ever did), the hemorrhoid will merely come back.

From this perspective, the ideal way to prevent digestive problems is by reverting to a natural lifestyle more attuned to that of a hunter/gatherer diet. This is definitely impractical, but one can still seek out natural remedies in the process and come as close as possible to this ideal.

As societal economics and media in the 1st world causes more people to be attracted towards an instant gratification fix, while downplaying the traditional methods of prevention, that same desire for instant gratification can be seen reflected increasingly in healthcare. The key is to recognize this and not place your health at risk despite what is considered “conventional” practice.

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