After reading the health benefits of Dandelion you will also agree with me that Dandelion is one of the healthiest herbs that is available to us. However, Dandelion is more famous as an ornamental flower plant as its benefits are still not widely known to all. The dandelion flowers are brilliant and tranquil. The following re some of the amazing health benefits of dandelion:

1. Healthy Bone: Dandelion is a rich source of calcium which is important for the growth as well as the strength of bones in human body. Dandelion is also rich in anti oxidants such as Luteolin as well as Vitamin C. These anti oxidants delays the damage to bones caused due to ageing. With ageing the free radicals weakens the bones and reduces its density, dandelion helps in protecting the bones against damage caused by free radicals.

2. Liver Problems: Dandelion is really beneficial for the health of the liver. The anti oxidants in dandelion enhance the functioning of the liver. The other compounds found in dandelion helps in curing liver hemorrhage as well as maintaining stabilized flow of bile. Dandelion stimulates the liver and it also improves digestion.

3. Diabetes: The juice of dandelion is really helpful for people suffering from diabetes as it enhances the production of insulin which helps in keeping the blood sugar levels under control. Dandelion is also diuretic which makes the patient of diabetes urinate frequently, this helps in getting rid of excess sugar from the human body. The diabetes patients are quite prone to renal disorders. The diuretic nature of dandelion aids in getting rid of sugar deposited in kidneys through frequent urination. The juice of dandelion is a bit bitter, which also efficiently reduces blood sugar levels just like other bitter substances.

4. Urinary problems: Dandelion in French literally means ‘urinating in bed’ which is somehow appropriate as it is highly diuretic in nature. Dandelion aids in getting rid of toxic deposits in kidneys as well as the urinary systems. It also acts as a disinfectant which stops any microbial growth in the urogenital or urinary system.

5. Skin health: The sap of dandelion sometimes also known as milk of dandelion is really useful in healing skin ailments. The skin problems caused because of fungal infection and microbial infection can be cured with dandelion sap as it is germicidal, fungicidal as well as insecticidal in nature. The dandelion sap is useful in curing ringworm, eczema as well as itchy patches.

6. Weight Loss: The human body has about four percent fat. Frequent urination helps in getting rid of water and fats from the body. The diuretic nature of dandelion promotes frequent urination which helps in losing weight with no side effects.

7. Cancer: The anti oxidants in dandelion reduce the free radicals which causes cancer. Dandelion helps in reducing cancer risks. Dandelion also detoxifies the human body which also indirectly protects the body against cancer.

8. Disorders of Gall Bladder: Dandelion is highly beneficial for the health of gall bladder as well as the liver. It helps in improving the functioning of both the organs as well as protects them bad effects of infections and oxidants. Dandelion also stimulates secretion from the liver and the gall bladder.