I just received my participation acceptance letter for Great Delhi Run. I decided to go through the benefits of running and jugging to multiply my joy, and while I was at it I decided to share it with all of you.

Firstly, the benefits of running and jogging

  1. Running is one of the best cardiovascular workouts. It makes the muscles strong and tones them as well. Regular jogging or running improves the body appearance along with multitude of other benefits.
  2. Jogging improves the heart health. It greatly enhances the blood circulation and respiratory system.
  3. Running and jogging is excellent for the digestive system. Regular running provides relief in digestive problems overtime. You won’t even notice, but one fine day you will realize that the constipation or similar digestive problem you were suffering from for years has disappeared.
  4. Running and jogging improves emotional well being. It promotes positive attitude and emotional strength to handle day today issues better.
  5. Running improves the metabolic rate thus helps in burning fat. Just make sure you eat healthy diet and less of junk food and fatty food and no one can stop you from losing weight.
  6. Running helps in getting rid of stubborn body fat as well.
  7. Running improves appetite for those who are suffering from poor appetite. It is a common rule of thumb: the harder you exercise, more you need to eat to replenish the muscles and reenergize yourself. People with normal appetite should not let this scare them away from running, running will increase your diet, but your weight gain or weight loss ultimately depends on what you eat more than how much you eat.
  8. Jogging and running improves your sleeping pattern. You will enjoy peaceful sleep at night after you have completed your jogging or running sessions during the day. Moreover, it is also very important to take adequate rest to enjoy your running sessions with full vigor the following day.
  9. Jogging and running makes leg and hip muscles strong as well as improves the bone density. Marathon runners have extremely strong legs, although they appear to be extremely thin. Running does not result in bulky muscles like the ones that weight trainers have, but it highly enhances leg strength.

Easy and Safe jogging and running tips

  • Some people may have experienced problems in their joints like knees, hips or ankles because of running. However, these problems can be avoided with well fitted jogging shoes.
  • Avoid eating just before going for a jog or run.
    Avoid running when it is extremely hot.
  • In the beginning go easy on your running time, don’t overstrain yourself. Increase you time, distance and speed gradually.
  • The body lose water through sweat while you run. Carry sufficient water along with you.
  • Just in case if you injure yourself or experience shooting pain in any part of your body, stop that very moment and consult your coach or a doctor.
    You must do some stretching exercises before you start your run or jog to avoid muscle pulls.
  • If you do not have a clean park or a safe running track near your house then you can also join a gym and start by running on a treadmill.
  • And if you need a motivation to run, take part in a local running event, like I did.

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