As a parent you are concerned about your teen’s wellness. You must have pondered for hours over your teenage kid’s studies, physical health, emotional health, but have you ever given a thought about his sleep and its significance over his or her health. If you have then reading this article will help you find the answers and if you haven’t then you must read on as good and healthy sleeping pattern of your kid is essential for his overall health.

How many hours of sleep are essential for your teenager’s health?
There is no exact way of knowing that. Experts say that teenagers need about nine hours of sleep every night. This varies slightly from one teenager to the other. Some teenagers perform well at eight and a half hours and other may need as much as ten hours.

What is the importance of proper sleep for a teenager?
Teenagers who do not sleep for sufficient hours put themselves at several kinds of health risks as well as causes performance issues. Here are the following problems a teen may face due to lack of sleep:
1. The chances of accidents and injury are increased as the mind may not be alert at all hours.
2. The overall performance at school goes down
3. Lack of sleep also causes emotional disturbances such as mood swings and irritability.
4. Lack of sleep also causes one to depend more upon stimulants such as caffeine as well as nicotine. It is also known to promote alcohol use.

How to tell if your teenage kid is getting enough sleep or not?
Look for the following signs they may help you identify any sleep related problem faced by your teenager:
1. Having a difficult time getting up in the morning
2. Mood gets irritable after afternoon or lunch time
3. Nodding off several times during the day
4. Sleeping for longer hours on holidays.
If any of the above signs are experienced by your teenager on regular basis then he or she is not getting the sufficient amount of sleep and you need to act upon it.

How to ensure that your teen sleeps well?
It is not just quantity of sleep that is important but quality holds equal importance. Here are some tips that will help your teenager get quality sleep. The tips are also helpful for any other age group.
1. Maintain a sleep schedule. Make sure that your teenager goes to bed and wakes up at the same hour every time including holidays.
2. Exercising is good for health but it should not be in the late evening. One must not exercise five to six hours before sleeping time.
3. Habit of having coffee or tea is not healthy in teenage life. The stimulation caused by tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola drinks as well as chocolates takes about eight hours to completely wear off.
4. One must avoid heavy meals and drinks late at night. A large meal can lead to digestion problem which may disturb sleep. Drinking too much fluid right before sleeping time may wake one up to urinate frequently.
5. It is not advisable to take naps later than three in the afternoon. Naps are good for health and also improve the brain’s ability. However late naps interferes with the night sleep and makes it difficult for one to fall asleep.