The Juicy Health Benefits of PineappleThe health benefits of Pineapple is often outshone by its delicious and juicy taste. Most of us enjoy eating it for its tropical taste but once you know about its health benefits, you will enjoy it even more. Pineapple is eaten fresh or had in the form of juice and is used in the preparation of many tropical food recipes.

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Pineapple has many important minerals and vitamins. It is also a good source of calcium, fiber, antioxidants and potassium. Pineapple has lesser fat and cholesterol content which makes it an even healthier fruit.

The health benefits of Pineapple are:

1. Stronger Bones:
This is one of the most significant health benefits of pineapple fruit. Pineapple helps in making the bones strong. It has good amounts of manganese which is needed by the human body for bone development and tissues. One cupful of pineapple makes up for seventy three percent of the everyday manganese requirement. Young people should have pineapple as it will help in bone development and older people should have pineapple as it helps in maintaining the bone health.

2. Infections of the nose and throat:
Pineapple is loaded with Vitamin C and it is very helpful in improving the immunity of the body to fight cold and throat problems. Pineapple is also rich in bromelain which is helpful in loosening the mucus and to calm down coughing. Having pineapple juice with one tsp of ginger juice (or one tsp of shredded ginger) acts as a home remedy to cure sore throat.

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3. Oral health:
Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, thus, it is helpful in marinating oral health as well. Pineapple is greatly helpful in reducing the chances of getting periodontal problems and gingivitis. The health benefits of Pineapple also includes improving the capacity of the body to fight bacterial infection and toxin activity that lead to gum problems.

4. Digestive health:
Pineapple has excellent natural anti inflammatory agents which aids in digestion process. A particular group of sulfur enzyme present in pineapple is helpful in digestion process. Having one cupful of pineapple between meals helps the digestion process.

5. Energy:
Pineapple has traces of manganese which is significant for energy production in the body. It also has Vitamin B1 which is a cofactor in the enzymic response which is important for the production of the energy. Vitamin B1 is also helpful in improving proper functioning of cardiovascular system and nervous system.

6. Macular Degeneration:
Everyday intake of pineapple fruit can help avoid macular degeneration related to age, this is the main cause of sight loss in elder people. Have a serving of pineapple to maintain your eye sight even in old age.

7. Immunity:
Vitamin C is an antioxidant which is also water soluble. It is helpful in shielding all sedimentary parts of the human body against the damage caused by free radicals. Having pineapple increases your immunity power which is helpful in preventing health problems like heart ailments, colon cancer and diabetes.

8. Stem helps in Cancer prevention:
An Australian study has shown that part of the health benefits of pineapple is having helpful molecules present in the stem of the pineapple. These molecules are helpful in defending against cancerous growth related to breast, ovarian, colon, lung as well as skin.

9. Fiber:
Another health benefits of Pineapple being a good source of fiber and being low in fat and cholesterol. Having pineapple will improve digestion and also help those trying to lose weight.