Stevia is a small shrub-like herb, which is fast gaining favour with herbalists all across the world. It is also known as Eupatorium rebaudianum, honeyleaf, sweetleaf and sugarleaf. Stevia is popularly used as a natural sweetener with no calories. FDA also declared Stevia as an approved natural sweetener which is safe to use. Apart from being used as a natural sweetener, Stevia is also beneficial in many health conditions.

Benefits of Stevia Herb:

1. For better hair health and to treat dandruff:

The concentrated form of Stevia is used for treating hair conditions like dandruff, dull hair, dry hair, dry scalp and even thinness of hair. People who have used Stevia concentrate have found Stevia to be useful in improving the health of the hair. Mix three to four drops of Stevia concentrate in the shampoo and wash it normally. For maximum benefit you can also use Stevia tea as a natural conditioner. Use Stevia tea in place of your conditioner and wash off after five minutes to improve the strength of the hair.

2. Relief in Diabetes:

Research has indicated that Stevia is helpful in regulating the levels of blood sugar, better insulin resistance, improve insulin production, curb the absorption of glucose in the blood and stop candidiasis. Stevia is helpful in diabetes as it has low carbohydrate value, less calories and proves to be a good low sugar alternative. A study has indicated that Stevia helps curb the craving for fatty foods and sweet things. Having tea made with Stevia extracts or raw crushed Stevia leaves twice in a day helps cure hyperglycemia. To make healthy Stevia tea, simply heat (do not boil) one cupful of water and steep one Stevia tea bag or one teaspoon of crushed Stevia leaves for five minutes and drink the same. You can also add four drops of Stevia extract to a cup of warm or cool water. You can also substitute Stevia in place of sugar in your daily cooking.

3. Treat Gingivitis:

Studies have indicated that Stevia has anti-bacterial properties which help in curing gingivitis, cavities, sores in the mouth and decay of tooth. Stevia may be helpful in stopping the growth of germs in the teeth and gums. It is also known to be helpful in stopping plaque development and improving overall dental health.

Using Stevia as an herbal mouthwash is known to reduce gingivitis and several other infections in the mouth and gums. You can add two drops of Stevia extract with your toothpaste and brush twice in a day. To make a herbal Stevia mouthwash, add four drops of Stevia extract in a cupful of warm water and gargle two to four times a day. You can also use Stevia herbal tea as a mouthwash.

4. To treat Indigestion and provide Relief from Heartburn:

Many people have used Stevia tea to ease stomach problems for many years. Drinking Stevia tea can provide relief in heartburn, indigestion, gastrointestinal problems and an upset stomach. You can also start having Stevia tea after every meal to help in digestion and provide relief in heartburn.

5. Treat Hypertension:

Some studies have indicated that people having Stevia on a regular basis have more regulated blood pressure. Having Stevia tea twice every day can be helpful in treating high blood pressure levels.

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