Aromatherapy makes use of aromatic herbal remedies for physical, emotional, and mental healing. Essential oils from herbs are distilled to produce soothing, healing aromas. When essential oils are known as volatile, this means that the molecules in these herbal remedies evaporate quickly into the air.
When you inhale the aroma of an essential oil from the herbal remedy, the unique components mix and react with the olfactory membranes in your nose. These are directly connected to your brain. Hence, it is believed that your brain plays a very important part in how your mind, emotions and entire body are regulated.
Still, aromatherapy is not just the practice of sniffing and inhaling different essential oils. Most of these herbal remedies can also be applied onto your skin. When this is done, healing becomes even more effective as the essential oil is also being absorbed directly into your bloodstream.
You can find a wide variation in the cost of essential oils. Prices depend on the herbal remedy used and the methods that have to be used in order to procure and produce them. For instance you can procure 1 ounce of pure lavender oil for $5. Lavender is a fairly common plant and easily harvestable. Conversely, you may have to pay up to $250 for half an ounce of rose oil.
You will need a diffuser to properly use these herbal remedies. A diffuser is a special device that is used to disperse the essential oils into the air. These are usually not very expensive and, in most cases, an atomizer will work fine. There are also special aromatherapy pottery rings available that fit over the top of a light bulb and are pretty cheap as well.
You can use herbal remedies in aromatherapy to treat various health ailments. They can be effectively used to alleviate symptoms like stress, depression, digestive upsets, hormone imbalances and respiratory problems. Many essential oils are quite potent; hence it is crucial that you follow the instructions found on the label strictly.
The one thing that you should not do is to apply essential oils directly to your skin without first diluting it. You also need to take note of your skin sensitivities before applying these herbal remedies on.
Aromatherapy is generally safe, if used within recommended guidelines. If you are pregnant or have some serious diseases or illnesses, you should always check with your doctor first. Having a knowledge about the type of herbal remedies that you intend to use for aromatherapy helps.

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