Things You Should Know Before Trying To Conceive

So, you have decided to take a dive into motherhood! It means you are ready to embark on the journey of pregnancy and bringing up your child. However, motherhood does not only mean mental acceptance, it also requires you to be physically ready for the coming years. This is extremely important, as once you are ready to be a mom, you have to be ready for the physical changes that will come your way. Therefore, before trying to conceive, take a cue from the following points:

Preconception Visit to the Doctor

It is very important to visit a gynaecologist for some preconception tests and checkup. It involves reviewing your personal and medical history. It also takes into account your present health as well as any medications that you might be taking and which might be harmful or unsafe during pregnancy. Also, your personal habits and hygiene will be taken into account (for example smoking, drinking or even drugs).

The doctor will also undertake the following tests during your preconception visit:

  • Blood Test: A blood test to know your haemoglobin level is improtant. Your doctor may also check for diseases like rubella and thalassaemia.
  • Screening Test: These tests are conducted in order to diagnose whether or not you are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Genetic Carrier Screening: It is undertaken basically to know if you or your partner are suffering from any seriously inherited disease. It helps in matching your genetic compatibility with your partner. It also reduces the risk of inheriting genetic disease in your child. Just in case, taking into consideration the worst case scenario, if both you and your partner suffer from a gene carrying disease, the probability of your child inheriting the same is around 25%. Therefore genetic carrier screening is necessary. It should be a priority before you try to conceive!

Increase Folic Acid Intake

Before trying to conceive, increase the intake of folic acid, in your daily diet. About 400 micrograms of folic acid a day should be included in your diet, at least from a month before you conceive.

This is very essential, as increasing your intake of folic acid decreases the chance of your baby having any neural tube defect.

Control Intake of Vitamin A

You r daily intake of multivitamins should not exceed the recommended dosage of 770 micrograms. This is so because too much intake of Vitamin A can lead to certain birth defects. If you are not sure of the intake, you can always consult your doctor and ask her to guide you through the process.

Shed the Excess Pounds

Losing extra pounds can make conception easier. It also ensures good health conditions for you and your baby during pregnancy period.

Your pregnancy is a beautiful experience for both you and your partner. Ensure that it is a healthy one, and take all the precautions and tests that might be required for a healthy term.

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