16 Things Your Urine Tells You About Your Health!

How many times do you visit a washroom, flush and come out without even glancing at what is streaming out of your body?

Even waste is valuable at times!

Your body throws out various toxins day in and out. One such human waste is your urine. You will be amazed by what your urine can divulge about your body and health.

You answer nature’s call every day and yet don’t pay attention to what it tells you. Your urine tells a lot about your health status. Its colour, odour and frequency reveal much about your health and wellness, if only you notice it well.

Let’s take a look at what the colour of your urine tells you:

  1. Golden or yellow:

Straw coloured or golden urine indicates a healthy urinary tract. If the colour of urine is bright yellow it may be due to intake of Vitamin B supplements too. If the urine goes dark yellow, you may be consuming less amount of water. It is a sign of dehydration as kidneys have less water to filter out toxins.

  1. Brown:

If your urine is brown in colour, it may indicate severe dehydration or a liver ailment. It may also point towards kidney stone, urinary tract infection and very dense concentration of urine. Consult your doctor in this case.

  1. Orange:

Orange coloured urine is again a common sign of dehydration. It can also result due to liver disease, pituitary problem, holding your bladder for a long time or due to consumption of orange coloured foods like oranges, carrots, squash etc.

  1. White or colourless:

If your urine is colourless or white, then you are consuming more water than required. You may cut down on liquids in this case to some extent.

  1. Green:

If the green colour shows up in your urine, then it may be due to consumption of vitamins, asparagus or due to uncommon type of urinary tract infection. See a doctor if you see green.

  1. Blue:

It is a rare occurrence. If you notice blue urine, it may be due to dye in certain foods or due to certain medicines. It may also due to bilirubin or uncommon urinary tract infection. It is best to visit your physician.

  1. Red or pink:

Reddish to pink coloured urine may appear if you have eaten foods with red dye, rhubarb, beets or blueberries. If you have not consumed these foods and yet your urine is reddish, it may be serious.

You may have blood in your urine that gives it red colour. There are various possible reasons for this condition. Urinary tract infection, kidney stones or cancer in your body may tinge your urine with blood. Do not delay seeing a doctor at the earliest in this case.

  1. Black:

It is a rare condition to have black coloured urine. It may happen due to a genetic disorder known as alkaptonuria. Poisoning may also cause urine to turn black.

There are other conditions that your urine points at. They are-

  1. Sweet smell:

If your urine smells fruity or sweet, then your blood sugar levels are higher than they should be. You may get yourself tested for diabetes.

  1. Ammonia smell:

If your urine stinks of ammonia, then it may be due to menopause, metabolic disorders or sexually transmitted disease.

  1. Foul odour:

If your urine has a cabbage like foul odour, it may be because you ate asparagus that gives it sulphur like stink.

  1. Frothy appearance:

If your urine has a foamy appearance, it may be because of proteinuria or presence of excess protein in your urine. It may also result due to kidney stone or simply due to hydraulic effect that is pretty harmless. If the condition persists, consult your doctor.

  1. Cloudy appearance:

If your urine appears cloudy, it may indicate urinary tract infection, kidney problem, pituitary problem or the presence of phosphate crystals in your urine.

  1. Frequent urination: If you find yourself rushing to the too often to pee, there could be something wrong:
  • Hormonal upheaval causes your kidneys to go into an overdrive, making you pee very often.
  • Diabetes
  • Prostate conditions
  • A tumor
  • Pregnancy
  • High intake of caffeine and alcoholic drinks

Pay attention to what signs your body is showing you. If you notice anything abnormal, do not waste time in visiting your health care practitioner at the earliest.

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