Think Positive! Nature is Listening.

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.

When Mark Twain said these words he meant how sick we feel about eating healthy and how lazy we feel to push ourselves for an early morning jog. We are sick and lazy. We are not result oriented. We are simply focused on the negatives of live, the “sad” part.

I think it is true.

If you look at me, trouble starts for me as soon as I wake up. I worry if there will be enough drinking water before it stopped, if I can finish off my cooking on time, or whether my domestic help would turn up promptly or whether I can come up with a good piece of information for my reader, and more, and more. My mind rests only when I hit the bed and sink deep in to my pillows.

I agree that these are only petty day to day worries. All of us go through them. No big deal!

But, more gruesome worries haunt you sometimes. And they live long with you. Perhaps that explains why the thinnest of people tell you they have high cholesterol or high blood sugar (owing both ailments to obesity and inactivity) or the fittest of men get chronic ailments. Much of it, attributed to stress and genes.

This is my experience.

I went through a very difficult phase when my father was diagnosed with larynx cancer in 2009. I was hardly 26. It was then that I got to taste the bitterness of life. Life had become standstill. I quit my job. I lost faith.

I had a bad habit which I was unknowingly nurturing then. I enjoyed pitying myself. I brooded over my failures, shortcomings and unhappiness, and was robbed off my peace while everybody else lived ‘hale and hearty'. I stopped looking at those apparently happy faces on Facebook. My mind could not relax even to read a good book. I began to get repeatedly ill. My immunity was suppressed. I got repeated infections. Nothing really interested me in life.

Think Positive, I was told. When I heard those stale words thrown at me I despised the ones who said it as much as I disliked those words. But, I achieved the strength and courage from Yoga. I remembered to laugh only through a few friends who walked with me the entire journey of bitterness.

The only positive thing that I achieved during that phase was the awakening of my literary muse. I wrote poetry. I am not here to eulogize my muse here. 🙂 I am here to inspire you.

It was a friend who had suggested reading Rhonda Byrne’s self help book “The Secret”. I read it once, did not believe it and found myself reading it again this year.

I thought I would put a word on the Secret to you as well…

Like Attracts the Like

Have you noticed that things you dread the most happen to you? And you feel depressed and cursed. Byrne’s Secret is simple. According to her, there is this Law of Attraction by which Nature works. Nature is listening to your thoughts. And what you brood over repeatedly happens to you because you attract them yourself. Negative emotions attract the same back from Nature because of the Law of Attraction. Hence with innumerable quotes and experiences, the author implores you to think positive for desirable outcomes.

Positive Breeds More Positive

Basically, it does not matter whether we have experienced it or not. Universe is powerful. Positive visualization attracts positive reactions from the universe. Nature recognizes the feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. By being thankful and positive you can be a great achiever in life.

When all this is said, one thing remains. Nature doesn’t know negatives, negation. So you got to think everything in positives. Nature recognises I am healthy instead of I am not sick and I am happy instead of I am not sad. When you say, I am not sick, Nature hears I am sick which will of course backfire!!

Avoid False Hopes

Critics of Byrne thought that the Secret offered nothing but false hopes. They believed that it is an impractical idealistic world that she is talking about.

Well! You cannot completely sit on the couch eating a bag of French fries thinking I am thin and healthy and expect miracles to happen. And when you put on weight and fall ill, you can’t end up blaming Byrne’s Secret. To thwart obesity, eat well, run long and think positive. While you do your part, just rewire yourself with positive vibrations and let miracles happen to you. Around you.

After all, positive thinking can’t hurt! 🙂

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