The Three Cardinal Rules For Peaceful Sleep

Every night as we hit the bed, our mind is filled with thoughts of good and bad things that happened during the day. We think, analyze and keep contemplating over whatever happened. As we fall asleep our brain goes through a slow process of disengaging from the external world.

Now and then, we are disturbed repeatedly and are unable to enjoy a peaceful sleep. A few interesting tips to help your brain take a break.

    1. Count your blessings! Write down three good things that happened during the day. This not only serves to shift attention from the negative thoughts but also feel gratitude.
    2. Recollect the positive interactions with people during the day. Be it just sharing a few happy moments with someone or simply passing along a smile helps.
    3. Recognize and acknowledge the bad incidents of the day. This way you let out the negativity out.

All these help you avoid denials and get better insights on living a more fulfilling life.

To know in detail about the three bed time questions you need to ask yourself each night read psychologytoday.

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