The winters are here! Sipping hot cocoa while you curl up with your fav book every night… Delightful!!! But sometimes the cold and chill just gets to you and then the fun vanishes into thin air. The worst side effects of winter season are the runny nose, the sniffs and the aches. Yes you can suppress the symptoms by taking allopathic medications; however, the symptoms are bound to spring back. Choosing the herbal way of life will help you ease the symptoms and hasten up your recovery time. The following five herbs are best to beat the winter chill.

1. Mint: A piping cup of Mint tea is really effective in opening up clogged nose and ease sore throats because mint is one of the best sources of naturally occurring menthol. Having it quite often in winter season reduces the need for medications for pulmonary congestion. Menthol from mint also helps in bringing down the fever. Mint is also beneficial for the stomach. The best way to consume mint is by using chopped mint leaves for garnishing or by having mint tea.

2. Ginger: The warm and spicy taste of ginger makes it a chef’s delight all around the world. For long people have used it to improve digestion, moreover, various studies have also verified its effectiveness against nausea. Ginger also has tremendous antiviral as well as antimicrobial properties, so having ginger will definitely help you get well soon whenever you feel sick. Again ginger is best in its raw form; hence topping any meal with minced ginger will do wonders for you health in the winter season. You can also enjoy hot ginger tea in this cold whether to soothe the chill (Boil one teaspoon of crushed ginger in water, strain the water, add honey and sip it like tea while its still hot.) Just like garlic, talk to your doctor is you are about to undergo a surgery or if you are on any prescribed drugs. Herbal ginger tablets are also quite easily available.

3. Chili Peppers: Every time I eat chiles I get those watery-eyed and runny nose as well as strange sensation in my throat. Chili peppers have anti inflammatory attributes, they may be successful in providing you with relief when you feel kind of achy. Next time you are having soup add little chiles to it, the runny nose will help you get rid of blocked mucous.

4. Garlic: This is one herb that has been labeled as a panacea in each and every herbal journal I have come across. Garlic has loads and loads of healing properties, but its best known for its anti cold properties. Lots of studies have proved it time and again that Garlic has antiviral, antifungal as well as antiprotozoal attributes. Garlic is best consumed raw, cooking it reduces its medicinal properties. Chopped garlic can used to whip up delicious sauces and as seasoning over most dishes. You can also add garlic to the medicinal chicken soup for multiple benefits. Garlic is best consumed raw, however, if you find the smell unpleasant you can also take herbal garlic supplements. But always keep in mind to consult your doctor if you are about to undergo a surgery or you are taking anticoagulant drugs.

5. Chamomile: This is a little flowered herb that comforts the stomach and unwinds the mind, body and soul. It has active mind-musculus calming properties, thus it aids in easing aches in winters.

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