Every morning you find yourself racing against time. There is so much to do including speed bathing, brushing your teeth, having breakfast, offering prayers. How much time do you spend cleaning your mouth? Do you do it in a jiffy or do you try to floss and brush slowly and firmly aiming for the famous sparkling teeth of Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit-Nene?

It’s nice to eat rich foods but when you are taking carbohydrate-rich foods that have sugars and starches such as breads, cakes, cereals, candy, fruits, milk, and soda, you’re inviting trouble for your teeth.

There is ample connection between oral health and the diet you follow. Eating junk food not only makes you obese, it can compound the problem leading to oral cancer and oral infectious diseases.

There are unfriendly bacteria present in your mouth that convert food particles into acids. This creates food debris and plaque which clings to the teeth. And the damage to the teeth begins. The acids present in the plaque erode the enamel layer of the teeth, and create holes in the teeth (also known as cavities).

Luckily, there are bacteria-fighting foods that remove plaque, strengthen the teeth enamel and freshen breath. Here we share the top 10 recommended foods that will benefit your mouth immensely. Start including them in your diet today and see how your teeth would happily smile and say “Cheese”!

  1. Apples

This fruit can be safely seen as ‘nature’s toothbrush’. Why so? That’s because it stimulates the gums, increases the saliva secretion and reduces the cavity buildup that leads to plaque. An interesting point to be noted is that an apple supplements your body with 15 vitamins and more than 10 minerals. Isn’t the apple an awesomely endowed fruit?

  1. Carrots and Celery

Both these foods protect your teeth in two ways. Firstly, they need extra chewing so that they can be digested well. Now the more you chew on them, more will be the saliva production. Once that happens, it will neutralise the acid-forming bacteria that eat through the teeth. Secondly, when you chew these naturally abrasive foods, it massages your gums. In the process, it also cleans your teeth. What a double fayda it is for your teeth!

  1. Cheese

This yummy milk product is a great source of calcium, which as you know is a vital ingredient for healthy bones and teeth. When you eat cheese, it coats your teeth with calcium mineral that further protects against cavities. Remember, cheese is loaded with fat, which can lead to bulging waistlines. So always eat cheese in moderation.

  1. Green Tea

A cup of green tea does more than just making you feel fresh or reducing your bulging fat. It has powerful antioxidants called catechins, which kill the bacteria in your mouth. By drinking green tea, you not only rejuvenate your body with natural fitness, you also protect your teeth from dental abrasion.

  1. Kiwi fruit

Never mind their size, but kiwis have more vitamin C than any other fruit. You will be surprised to learn that one large kiwi supplies your body with vitamin C which is more than 100 % of your recommended daily amount. If you don’t take adequate quantities of vitamin C, there are higher chances of collagen in your gums to break down. If that happens, it would make your gums susceptible to the bacteria and germs that cause periodontal disease.

  1. Water

And you thought water was only needed to quench your thirst. Whenever you drink water, it keeps your gums hydrated as well. In fact, water has proved to be the best way to stimulate saliva, which is your body’s natural defense mechanism against plaque and cavities. Rinse your mouth after meals, as it will wash away food particles stuck in your mouth that lead to bad breath. Even if you are on a weight-loss regimen, drinking more water would help you keep your stomach feeling filled.

  1.  Milk

Milk matters to your bones, skin, overall health and your teeth too. Drinking milk causes healthier and stronger teeth since it has high levels of calcium. This mineral not only protects your teeth against periodontal (gum) disease, it also keeps your jaw bone stronger and healthier. If some of you face digestion problems with toned or full cream milk, then go for low-fat or skim milk, which have no fat as compared to regular milk.

  1. Raw Onion

The major fear of eating raw onion is the bad breath it creates. However, you are missing out on the antibacterial sulphur compounds in onions that kill thriving bacteria in your mouth. Make it a habit to eat fresh and uncooked onions each day if you want your teeth to look good and healthy.

  1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are not only a food ingredient for cooking, they help build tooth enamel and reduce plaque formation too. Moreover, sesame seeds are rich in calcium, which keeps the jawbone and teeth healthy.

Have a diet that is rich in fresh produce from the farms, legumes, whole grains and lean meats. Avoid taking food containing artificial preservatives and sweeteners, food colouring agents, refined sugar and flour. They would only create an acidic state in your body, increasing the chances of growth of bacteria in gums and inflammation in the mouth.