Treat Migraines With Magnetic Therapy

First let’s know more about Magnetic therapy.

You must have seen many products in the market that use magnets for pain relief, like shoe insoles, bandage or wraps, bracelets and other kind of jewelry items, cushions and even at times mattresses. Usually they are required to be placed on the part that is in pain, but some acupuncture experts may advice you to place it on the associated point. Magnets are safe to use, however, it is not recommended for those who have pacemakers, insulin pumps, defibrillators etc as the magnet may interfere with the functioning of these devices.

How to treat migraines with Magnetic Therapy?

Migraines are severe headaches that can disrupt your day today life. The pain is extreme and may continue for hours and even days in extreme cases. The causes of migraine pains have been associated with some particular foods or medicines, stress and sudden change in sleeping patterns. The magnetic field created by the magnets affects the cell functions as well as the nervous system which in-turn has been known to positively affect the pain, reduce their intensity as well as prevent them from occurring.

How to go about the Magnetic Therapy:

1. Take expert help before you purchase the magnets. The expert will help you with getting the right magnets as well as guide you in placing them on the right points to manage the migraine pain.

2. The moment you get the feeling that migraine pain is coming up, place the magnets on the related points. Leave the magnets on till the pain has subsided.

3. To cure migraine pain you need to place magnets using a bandage on both the sides of the spine, in the middle of the shoulder blade as well as the spine.

4. You can also wear a magnetic bracelet, necklace, headband and even earrings and sleep using a magnetic cushion to get rid of migraine pain. Initially, use magnets that are low of strength, let your body adapt to the magnetic energy, later you can switch to stronger magnets.

5. You can use several other holistic methods of pain relief along with magnetic therapy; they will not interfere with each other. Such as, you can take a hot shower and then put the magnets on the assigned points after drying yourself up.

6. The strength of the magnets has to be in proportion to the intensity of the migraine pain. Magnets of lesser strength may be less effective, however, magnets of excessive strength may worsen the symptoms. Hence, it is advisable to consult an expert or read a good book on Magnetic Therapy.


1. Make use of magnets for short intervals in order to maintain the effectiveness of the therapy.

2. Magnetic Therapy is an alternate therapy. Hence, if at any point of time you feel that your symptoms are worsening see your doctor.

3. Do not use magnetic therapy if you are expecting a child. Avoid the usage when you are taking medicines that thin the blood. Also avoid using the magnets if you are using an electronic devise to stay in good health such as a pacemaker.

4. See a doctor instantly if you face negative reactions after using the magnets in the magnetic therapy.

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