In my ancestral place in Kerala, many parents tackle their children’s minor health hiccups with home remedies. Asafetida in hot water cured distention and gastric trouble, cough and cold are prevented by rubbing Rasnadi powder on the scalp, constipation is dealt with Triphala churna and much more. Our medicinal cabinets were once fragrant with Ayurvedic concoctions, powders and quick fixes.
Triphala churna was one of the bottles we could not do without as children. Triphala (meaning three fruits) is a herbal mixture containing the extracts of three Indian fruits–amla, baheda and harada. Amla or the Indian gooseberry has as much Vitamin C as two oranges. It helps to boost protein metabolism, strengthen the liver, and rid the body of toxins. Long term use of gooseberry helps to boost digestion and to improve the immunity of the body. Harada or Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) is a rejuvenative nervine helping to cleanse the body, aid digestion and treat constipation, reduces anemia and improves sensory perception. It also alleviates asthma and sinus allergies. Baheda (Beleric) is yet another rejuvenative and laxative used for the treatment of eye ailments, stomach troubles etc. It delays ageing, imparts longevity, enhances immunity, improves mental faculties and fortifies the body against diseases. It further helps the body to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Triphala is a known remedy for those suffering from bowel irregularity. It not only increases appetite and the digestive power of the body but also treats constipation. The gastrointestinal tract is cleansed, gas is dispelled and the body is detoxified. Detoxification of the body is as important as the regular of cleaning and dusting of your furniture, bath room or house hold appliances. With the kind of diet you follow, or the kind of life you lead, the wide variety of medicines you take your body is exposed to thousands of chemicals. Hence the body needs to be purged of these toxins at regular intervals for healthy functioning and a strong immunity. Other than fighting illnesses and reducing the intensity of pre existing illnesses, Triphala  has a positive effect on the main three elements that are believed to control life in Ayurveda, namely vata, pitta and kapha (the Tridoshas).
Triphala is

  • anti viral
  • anti bacterial
  • anti cancerous
  • anti allergic
  • anti mutagenic
  • and is a weight loss enhancer.

Thus, Triphala is a single-handed panacea to a majority of your health concerns!
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