Turmeric is the common Indian spice that forms the core of Indian cuisine. The health benefits of turmeric gain it a remarkable  place in the recent western cuisines as well. Here are some  unknown spicy stuff from turmeric.
1. Allergies can be prevented and treated by turmeric. Well, turmeric itself  can cause allergies to some people. At least when used externally.
2. It works for blood pressure and diabetes. Turmeric is a simple  home remedy for many diabetics.
3. Arthritis cannot look turmeric in the eye. Though it may not  work for every arthritic, turmeric’s anti inflammatory properties  make it a good natural pain reliever.
4. The healing properties of curcumin may prevent heart failure.
5. Heart patients may benefit from turmeric. The damage caused  during a by pass surgery can be eased with turmeric extracts, say  a group of researchers. That doesn’t mean you can throw away your  bills though.
6. A recent article talked about the health benefit of turmeric  black pepper combo. It said that seasoning foods with these two  spices can prevent and even help in the treatment of breast   cancer. Women who at high risk of cancer can tale drugs which are  of high toxicity. But natural remedies would prevent killing healthy cells. Thanks to the natural compounds curcumin (turmeric)  and piperine (black pepper). More studies on the way.
7. Cognitive impairment would run for life with turmeric, says  study. Both black pepper and turmeric can delay the onset of and  help with Alzheimer’s disease. It may increase alertness and  memory among the elderly.
8. I should add that turmeric can also play a worthy role in increasing your haemoglobin.
Home Remedy: Try taking half a teaspoon of turmeric with warm water.
Tip: It is important to know that it taken 15 grams of fresh turmeric to provide us with 500 mg of good content. If you wish to buy supplements, do it from trusted sources…
Time to go ethnic I guess.
-Aparna K.V.