Better Stud (Biophytum sensitivum) which belongs to the family of  Oxalydaceae is also known as Samanga, Mukkutti, Laakshana and Lakshmana. 
It is a very small flowering plant and  has only a  few  pinnate leaves. This plant also produces about 5-10 small yellow flowers. It is one amongst  Acharya Charaka’s  “sandhaniya gana” which includes plants which has properties to heal and reunite the broken tissues. It can be used as a single drug remedy for fever and diarrhoea.

  1. Diarrhoea:  grind the leaves of this plant and make a paste and mix it in butter milk and drink this in case of diarrhoea.
  2. Leucorrhoea:  make a paste  of this herb(all parts can be used) and consumed.
  3. Wounds ulcers : seeds as well as leaves of this herb can be grinded and made into a paste and this should be applied on wounds and ulcers to facilitate easy and fast healing.
  4. Gonorrhoea: 3-6gms of the root paste should be consumed 2 times a day in case of gonorrhoea.
  5. URTI: paste made out of whole plant (all parts to be used)mixed with honey should be consumed to get relief from cough ,chest congestion and other upper respiratory tract infections.
  6. Post-partum: laakshana is given in post-partum condition(after delivery) to cleanse the uterus. Leaves of this herb is made into a paste and mixed with jaggery and is given to women after delivery to cleanse the uterus.
  7. Varicocele:  the leaves of this herb(20) needs to be boiled in 300ml of water for 40mins. Strain and cool this potion and drink it two times daily for a month,this is very effective in treating varicocele.
  8. Menorrhagia : it is also used for treating heavy bleeding seen in women.