Our body is a factory in itself. Once food is provided, it is broken down into absorbable nutrients, converted to energy and other simpler forms and even medicines are produced in our own body. Yes, soon there would be a time when we wont need medications in forms of tablets and syrups, our own body is a drug house producing one. We have to realise the medicinal properties of the body’s product…the urine.

This may sound absurd but the fact is that urine has been found to contain medicinal properties to treat many diseases and disorders. Now we know why the great Indian leader lived as long as 99 years healthily and actively. The secret is that he used to drink a glass of his own urine every day. Yes, urine is no more a smelly waste but should be perceived as a product formed by the kidneys containing hormones, enzymes and urea in water. The composition of urine is around 95% of water and the rest is in form of urea and salts. Urine is in fact a sterile product which is most safe for human consumption. However, it has the ability to encourage microorganisms to flourish and hence should be consumed fresh only.

The urine is known to stimulate the immune system of the body. The immune system recognise the foreign substances in the body and fight them by producing antibodies which react against specific foreign bodies called antigens. Hence the infection or disorder is treated by the body itself. The reason why urotherapy or consumption of urine accelerates antibody production is that in the diseased state, antigens are present in urine too. So, when these antigens are taken in the body, the response is further strengthened and many more antibodies are formed. This principle is used to treat many illnesses like flus, common cold, arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, hepatitis, herpes, allergies, adrenal failure and even cancers.

In a cancer patient, the malignant cells have a characteristic to divide and multiply at a fast rate. The clusters of these malignant cells give rise to tumours and also help in diverting oxygen and nutrients to the malignant cells. The urine of the cancer patient avoids these cancerous cells to form clusters and hence interferes in their growth. Another study says that the urine rectifies the genetic material and composition of the cancerous cells and converts them to normal cells.

Though urine is a sterile liquid, it is a practice to consume one’s own liquid. There are reasons for the same. The most important is that the body has to recognise the liquid as its own and any urine of other source is foreign for the patient’s body. The intake of urine begins from a few drops daily and is slowly increased to a glass. Other forms of urotherapy could be by enemas and injections into the blood stream. Since the same is also proven to provide antiseptic and hydrating action, it is also shown to have good results on the skin. On account of the same, urine can also be a component of many face creams and lotions. Many anti ageing creams today and anti acne treatment ointments can comprise of human urine.

So next time you discard your urine, think again !

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