Ficus religiosa – Ashwattha, in sanskrit is one among the Kshiri vrikshas. This herb is used in the treatment of cough, skin diseases, bleeding disorders, vomitting, diarrhoea, nausea and sexual disorders. It is known to pacify pitta dosha.

Botanical name : Ficus religiosa

Family name : Moraceae


Bark powder – 5 to 10 gms in divided doses per day.

Bark decoction: 60- 100 ml per day in divided doses.

Home remedies using Peepal:

Wounds: In case of infected and non infected wounds, the bark decoction is used for washing the wounds.

Mouth ulcers: The fine paste of the buds are applied externally on mouth ulcers.

Heart diseases and palpitations: Infuse the leaves in water overnight,distill it in the morning and consume 15 mg of this infusion thrice daily to relieve heart palpitation and cardiac weakness.

Bleeding Piles:Take 1 tsp of dried leaf powder with water twice a day  to relieve bleeding piles.

Premature ejaculation:Dry the fruits in shade and then powder it, consume ½ to 1 tsp of this powder with milk daily to treat premature ejaculation.

Skin diseases: The latex of the stem/bud is applied to the skin lesions in the morning to reduce itching and oozing. Make a paste with 2 tsp each of bark powder, gram flour powder with water and use it as a face mask for a glowing complexion.