Does your heart say mirror, mirror on the wall, am I the slimmest of them all? The new age parameter of beauty and fitness is a well toned body. There are two ways to get into shape- exercise with diet control or surgical intervention. It is advised to go through the rigorous workouts than surgery unless medically required. Tweak your diet, eat small, nutritious high fibre meals and be active. This is a healthy approach to lose the extra pounds and improve your wellness quotient.

Another choice to get into shape in a short time is to undergo the knife. It has its own set of risks and benefits. It is advisable to get a surgery for weight loss purpose if you have serious health problems. It is much safer to workout to lose the flab in comparison to getting a surgery done for the same. Cosmetic surgery comes at a high cost. Also, it cannot be reversed. So make your mind fully before embarking on one. Ask your doctor if you have any doubts.