We all know that we are composed of 70% water. The body tissues, cells and reactions carried out within the body are all a failure in absence of water. But this is not a store which can be utilized for ever. There are continuous losses of water from our body. Water is lost in the air exhaled, through sweat on the soles of the feet and other skin areas, tears, and urine, the biggest loss of all. Collectively, this loss could be up to 2 litres every day. In addition to this loss there is a utilization of water in various chemical reactions.

So if we do not replenish enough amount of water back into the body, what would be the result? Dehydration. This is a very crucial problem which could even be life threatening. Shrinkage of body mass, malfunctioning of organ systems, reduced blood volume and cell death are some resultants. Hence it is of utmost importance to resupply 2.5 liters of water every day back to our bodies. This can be done in form of fresh fruits, vegetables, beverages, soft drinks, juices and not to forget pure water at its best. The water content of these sources varies but nothing matches pure water supply. We do take in salts and nutrients in our day to day life but what we are not able to catch on is the water supply. To take more and more plain water is the best idea though you don’t have to cut down upon your regular beverages and drinks.

Water can be available in two types. Mineral water and spring water. Both are reasonably good sources but the purity and assurance against contamination is more for mineral water. However, if you don’t have a choice of any water, your tap water can be boiled to eradicate the impurities. A generous supply of 8-0 glasses a day is a must. Unavailability of water or forgetfulness is not an excuse to compromise your health for long.

Another astonishing fact is that our thirst is not a reliable indicator of dehydration of water needed by the body. A chronically dehydrated patient who has not been drinking enough water for years together develops a faulty reflex and even when he is dehydrated which is always the case, his reflex doesn’t prompt him to drink more water as the body is used to the insufficient water supply. Try this. Drink sumptuous 8-10 glasses of water for a day or two and then on the third day you would be reminded every hour for water by stimulating your thirst.

Some serious illnesses like asthma, hypertension, high cholesterol levels are the resulted in chronic dehydrated patients. Since water also cushions the joints and ligaments by forming a jelly matrix, in its absence there is a greater risk to develop weak bones. Arthritis, spondyloslysis and other such illnesses are thus caused and the misfortune is that we don’t even recognize the fact behind all these happenings which seem irrational to us.

The first ills of dehydration is a pain signal when histamine is released from mast cells to combat the lack of water. But in most cases this becomes subdued and negligible if a corrective action of proper water supply is not provided. Most of us who drink water religiously would experience this subtle pain in our throat if our throat is under a drought. But do the scanty drinkers experience it, No.

So help your body perform well by drinking more water. You would be helping yourselves as
• All your cells, even the most remote among them would be oxygenated.
• Toxins would be excreted well from the body and nutrients would be supplied to each part.
• Vital body reactions in metabolism, immunity and other functional areas would be carried out efficaciously as water is a good solvent.
• Nerve signals would be prompt.
• The circulatory system would be in a bloom giving a pinker tone to the skin.
• The joints and ligaments would be well cushioned.

You can use the following guidelines to improve your water supply.

1. Start your day with a glass full of water.
2. Keep a jar of water handy when you work at your desk so that you can have water periodically.
3. Whenever you travel, carry water with you.

Good Health to all… !

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