When I started exercising I had no assurance. I was just bent on exercising everyday.
A lot of ads flicker on our screens and newspapers daily. “Lose 10 kilos in just 7 days”, “Lose without diet”, or “Get Slim, No Exercise”. I lost weight (4kgs) only after a month of moderate work out and diet watching (not dieting, of course). I was ecstatic.  A doctor friend asked me then to exercise more intensely. But nothing showed on my weighing scale like it did just a month ago. I had lost two happy inches by now and could fit in to my 6 year old pants beautifully. But my weighing machine still looked unhappy.
The Real Indicators of Health
I read several books on diets, talked to dietitians, doctors and learnt so much that I couldn’t digest it! Well, my point is don’t let the weighing scale make you cry. Your health is not just your age-height-weight proportion or the BMI you calculate from it. Then? Your health is also dependent on your waist circumference, your health risks [cholesterol, BSL, blood pressure etc] and your habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc.
Our Weighing Machine Cheats
A weighing machine just tells you how much you weigh. It does not tell you how much of that is water, bone weight and fat. So, it can’t be accurate with people of muscular build, those whose bones weigh more and those who have more fat and less muscles.
Where the BMI Calculator Does not Help
It is the same with BMI. Your overall bone structure or having a fat percentage with lower muscles can trick your BMI.
Waist Circumference Helps
Your waist circumference is a great indicator of your health risks. It speaks of your internal fat deposits. The recommended measurements of healthy individuals are a waist circumference of 35″ or less for women and 40″ for men. Waist circumference and BMI together would help you to know where you stand in health!
Lifestyle Can be Modified
Eating healthy (with cheating occasionally), getting moderate physical activity (at least 30 minutes of exercise thrice a week), and abstinence from alcohol and smoke can turn things around for you. Losing at least 5-10% of your total body weight can decrease your health risks in the long run. Some overlooked factors here are family history and stress management.
Stay fit, stay happy!
 -Aparna K.V.