What Are Warts and How to Prevent Them!

Wart is a type of viral skin infection. It is a rough, painless extra growth over the surface of the skin. Majority of warts are harmless except genital warts in females, which may lead to cervical cancer.

Causes of Warts

  • Human papillomavirus is the causative organism of warts.
  • It can spread through skin to skin contact with infected persons.
  • If you have warts, it can spread to other parts of your body.
  • Biting nails, cuts during shaving or abrasions during scrubbing can make you more prone to the infection.
  • Poor personal hygiene.
  • Handling things used by an infected person or using others' towel.
  • If your immunity is weak you may get infected easily. But, most of us have immunity against the virus.

Types of Warts

  • Common warts – occurs in hands or fingers. They are rough, round and grainy.
  • Flat warts – occurs usually on the face. They are similar to moles.
  • Genital warts – Sexually transmitted infection, occurring in genital region.
  • Plantar warts – They are hard and grainy occurring on the heels or balls of your feet.
  • Periungual warts – They are in clusters occurring around your finger or toe nails.
  • Filiform warts – They are long, narrow and fleshy occurring on the face, neck, over the eyelids or lips.

Management of Warts

Usually, no treatment is necessary. It may go away by itself after a few years. If you have cosmetic issues, you may opt for any of the below solutions. But, there is no permanent cure, it may reappear in the same location or in other places even after treatment.

  • Excision.
  • Electrocautery.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Chemical Peeling.

In Ayurveda, Kshara karma and Agni karma gives you the promising result.

Home Remedies for Warts

You can try applying Kasisadi taila/garlic paste/changeri leaves paste/clove oil on the affected area. But, be careful before trying these home remedies and consult your physician.  If you are diabetic, better to avoid trying home remedies.

Prevention of Warts

  • Avoid biting your nails and finger.
  • Avoid cutting or scrubbing or picking warts.
  • Don’t keep on touching your warts.
  • Avoid sharing others razors/ towels and other personal belongings.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Use disposable scrubs to scrub warts.
  • Wash your hands well after touching warts.
  • Always wear slippers while stepping out of your home.

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