10 Good Things to Look For in Your Bread

Bread is an essential part of our diet these days. From wafer thin cucumber and tomato sandwiches for the health conscious people to mayonnaise laden tuna sandwiches for the foodies, the variety of ways in which bread is eaten is endless.

From burgers and footlongs to sliced bread, bread appears in fascinating, mouthwatering forms. It comes in all varieties too. Whole wheat white bread, brown wheat bread, multi grain bread, rye bread are some of the different types of breads. That's good enough to confuse you!

When you visit the market to buy fresh bread, what qualities should you look for?

Here is a list of characteristics that let you know if a pack of bread is good for you:

  1. Check the label: When you pick bread off the shelf, always read the label for its ingredients and date of manufacture. Go for a bread with minimal ingredients like salt, yeast, flour or seeds. This ensures no extra additives are present in it.
  2. Look for organic ingredients: If the ingredients of bread are organic in nature then it is good for your health. This means that your bread is free from pesticides, genetically modified crops and other chemicals fertilizers.
  3. Has no added sugar: If the bread does not contain any added sugar then it is healthy for you.
  4. Has no added oils: If the bread has saturated oils as its ingredients then it is not very healthy for you.
  5. Has no preservatives: A healthy bread does not contain any synthetic additives like preservatives during its preparation. If it has any additives listed on its label then you may go for another one without such additives.
  6. Uses sourdough: In the old school method of bread making, yeast was used to make bread. Sourdough is a method used these days for the same purpose which proves  to be much healthier.
  7. Uses Less refined flour: If the quantity of refined flour used in making bread is very less and the quantity of other types of grains is more, then your bread is healthy to eat.
  8. Uses sprouted grains: If your bread uses sprouted grains instead of unsprouted ones then your bread is more nutritious than otherwise.
  9. Use of filtered water: If the bread preparation involves filtered water or spring water then the quality of your bread is better.
  10. Freshness: If your bread is freshly baked, then it is much healthier to consume than one that's a little old.

Go for healthy bread to make your breakfast enjoyable with all the varied flavours and aromas.

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