So What’s The Real Cause of Your Hunger?

Knowing the real reason for your hunger can help you lose weight fast. The rumbling of the stomach may not be real at all times. Sometimes it is because of boredom and stress. There is ‘TV Hunger’ wherein you just feel the craving to munch on something while watching your favorite show. Then there is ‘Head Hunger’ that might happen when you’re stressed, frustrated, upset or bored or just because food is readily available. ‘Eye Hunger’ is when we are stimulated to eat just because of a beautifully presented meal. For the ‘Afternoon Hunger’ that strikes between work usually around 3 PM, instead of having a full meal again it’s a good option to chew on nuts or cheese and crackers. And there is the ‘Celebration Hunger’ which means that any occasion is to be celebrated by indulging in good food and wine.

For more details on the 10 types of hunger read foxnews.

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