Why You Should Eat A Guava Every Day!

[mailerlite_form form_id=13]The guava is a perennial tropical fruit, is a super food as it has some amazing health benefits!  Here’s why you should include guavas in your regular diet:

  • Guava is rich in Vitamin C (4 times more than oranges), which helps enhance your immunity and helps fight off the flu, cold and cough.
  • It contains lycopene, which helps fight tumours.  It also has antioxidant properties that aid in fighting cancerous cells.
  • It has potassium, which helps maintain your blood pressure and electrolyte balance. It also brings down the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It is good for diabetics as it loaded with fibre, which stabilises sugar levels and improves digestion.
  • It contains Vitamin A, which is great for vision and for healthy skin.
  • It has copper, which aids hormone production and maintains normal thyroid levels.
  • It is loaded with Vitamin B, which promotes good blood circulation and improved brain function.
  • It provides folate and helps treat infertility issues.

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