There are many ways to get rid of bad breath. You can change your diet by watching what you eat and avoiding pungent foods like onions and garlic; you can make sure that you brush your teeth 3 times a day everyday after meals; you can wash your mouth with an oral rinse or mouthwash; or you can opt to go to the dentist to have your oral hygiene checked. But there is another way to get rid of this condition in a safe way and that is to find a bad breath herbal remedy.
Why Use Herbal Remedies?
By using a herbal remedy you are ensuring that you are not feeding your body with harmful elements that are usually chemically based, such as those found in mouthwashes. You might also find that the herbal taste left in your mouth is even much more pleasant than if you use a mint mouthwash. There are different herbs that will help to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath almost completely and at times even more effectively than items that are out on the market.
What Herbs Can I Use To Get Rid Of Bad Breath?
You will be quite surprised with the many options that you have when it comes to looking for the right herbal remedy for your oral health. Some remedies come in the form of teas. An example of this is the herb known as sage. Bad breath is sometimes caused by oral infections and a sage-based tea will help fight those infections by acting as an antiseptic. All you have to do is make a sage tea by pouring boiling water in a cup with a tablespoon of fresh sage (or two tablespoons if the sage is dry). This bad breath herbal remedy will work wonders for your mouth.
Another reason that people have bad breath is that they have dry mouths and bacteria fester in dry conditions. Chewing fennel, mint or parsley can help facilitate the expulsion of saliva and this helps to ensure that the inside of the mouth is kept moist. At the same time, this herbal remedy will leave a nice fragrant taste in your mouth while getting rid of the bacteria that forms there.
Other bad breath herbal remedy options that you have come in the form of myrrh, cloves, and filberts. Green tea and alfalfa tea will also help in deodorizing one’s mouth while eliminating odor-forming bacteria. These are just some of the herbs that you can use to battle halitosis.
Why Should I Opt For A Herbal Remedy?
An herbal remedy is safe to use and you can use herbs as often as you want. Herbs do not damage the interior of your mouth. Mouthwash, on the other hand, is something that is chemically based and it is not even highly-advised to use mouthwash too much as it can be very damaging to your taste buds. There is even evidence that excessive use of mouthwashes will actually worsen bad breath rather than get rid of it because of the ingredients that are used to make the solutions. A herbal remedy is cheaper to invest in and is most effective in the prevention of bad breath.

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