Wine can dissolve StonesWine in moderation is never too bad ! Two studies have shown this. The two significant studies are by Curhan and colleagues at Harvard Medical School, the first in 1996 in the American Journal of Epidemiology involved over 45,000 men and the second in Annals of Internal Medicine involved 81,039 women. The analysis were taken from data generated in the national physician and nurse surveys.
The findings in both were quite specific. In the 1996 male study, kidney stone risk was reduced from a reported 240 ml (8 oz) daily servings in this order : wine 39%, beer 21%, tea 14%, decaffeinated coffee 10% and straight coffee 10%. Importantly, the risk was increased 35% for apple juice and 37% for grapefruit juice drinkers. So over this very large cohort, the type of fluid mattered significantly. The second study published two years later found similar specific advantages for women in a similar beverage choices. Reduced risks were: Wine 59%, both coffees 10%, and tea 8%. Akin the earlier study, risk increased 30% for tomato juice and 44% for grape juice. Orange juice was a wash.”
People suffering from Eczema, should try a whole body massage with cold-pressed almond oil, apricot oil or sesame oil followed by paste of chick-pea flour and then let it dry. Once dry, scrub it off and take a luke-warm water bath. It will certainly help.

Kidsto-Quor for Kidney Stones & Burning Micturition

Kidsto-Quor for kidney stone

  • Dissolves the renal calculi by restoring the crystalloid-colloid balance.
  • Expels calculi.
  • Promotes smooth diuresis, relieves renal colic.

Kidsto-Quor capsule is useful in:

  • Urinary Calculus and crystalluria.
  • Burning micturition.
  • Prevention of post surgical recurrence of calculus.


01 capsule once/twice daily before meals.