Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) is a popular aromatic spice which is known for its property to check both tooth decay as well as halitosis (mouth odour). It has become an important ingredient of most of the Ayurvedic tooth pastes due to this property.
In Ayurveda, clove is used in various conditions either in the form of powder or decoction. Clove oil contains ingredients that help to stabilize blood circulation and regulate body temperature. It is used in the manufacture of perfumes, soaps, bath salts and as flavouring agent in medicine and dentistry.
Pharmacological Properties of Cloves
• Pacifies kapha and vata dosha
• Digestive
• Ophthalmic
• Carminative
• Stomachic
• Stimulant
• Anti-spasmodic
• Anti-bacterial
• Aphrodisiac
• Expectorant
• Anthelmintic
Medicinal Uses and Home Remedies with Cloves
1. Teeth disorders: Due to antiseptic properties, it decreases infection as well as decreases the pain.
2. Headaches: Pasted cloves can be applied on the head to relieve headache.
3. Digestive disorders: Licking the powder of fried cloves mixed with honey is effective in controlling vomiting. Cloves promote enzymatic flow and improve digestive functioning.
4. Morning sickness(vomiting during pregnancy): Decoction made by boiling cloves in water is effective remedy to combat morning sickness.
5. Cough: Few drops of Clove oil added to a glass of hot milk can be taken for beneficial results.
Chewing a clove with a common salt crystal eases expectoration and relieves throat irritation.
3-4 drops of clove oil mixed with honey and a clove of garlic alleviates the painful spasmodic cough seen in conditions like asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis.
6. Excessive thirst : Peel of cloves should be pasted and taken with hot water to relieve excessive thirst caused due to intestinal disorders.
7. Earache: 3-5 drops of sesame oil in which a clove is sautéed can be used as ear drops.
8. Stye (eye lid infection): Make an infusion with cloves, dip a piece of cloth in it and apply on the spot to reduce inflammation. Be careful not to burn your eyes.
9. Muscular cramps: Clove oil /poultice made of clove helps in relieving muscular cramps.
10. Intestinal worms:  Powders of cardamom, hing and clove in equal quantities have to be fried and added to water. Consume this water frequently to get relieved of intestinal worms.
11. Cholera: Decoction made by adding cloves in water has to be consumed frequently for beneficial results.
Cloves need not be restricted as a kitchen spice anymore. Don’t you agree?
Warning: These remedies are suggestions only. Practise caution while trying them out. If you are new to the herb, consult your doctor before using it as you get allergic reactions from it.

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