Yerba mate is a sort of drink made from the leaves a plant known as Ilex paraguariensis found and grown in South America. Yerba mate is a unique drink as it is one of the few kinds of herbal caffeinated tea. Usually herbal teas do not have caffeine in it but this rule is not applicable in case of yerba mate. In this post we will talk about the health benefits as well as disadvantages of having this unique drink.

Health Benefits of yerba Mate:
Yerba mate has a good number of health benefits which will compel you to include this drink in your diet. This herbal tea is exceptionally high in antioxidants and this fact has been proven by scientific studies and research. But we all know that most of the herbal tea have antioxidants in them, thus we cannot say by this fact alone that yerba mate is better than other health drinks. However, yerba mate has several minerals and vitamins like iron, phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 as well as Vitamin C.

One of the major yerba mate benefits is loss of weight. A study was conducted on overweight adults showed that a mix of yerba mate along with other herbs helped them lose significant weight. People who had yerba mate mix three times every day for a period of forty five days experienced weight loss. They also felt full faster while having their meals. Yerba mate is also known to burn more calories and also reduce food cravings.

Another study conducted on mice, concluded that yerba mate could help in regulating the presence of some obesity related genes, which in turn would result in an anti-obesity effect.

If you search on the internet for the benefits of yerba mate you will find that many websites are speaking very loudly about the health benefits of this drink. Some of the websites do exaggerate a little on the good points and do not mention the negative impact of yerba mate. Yes, yerba mate does have lot of health benefits but it does have some negative impact on the health. Please do read about the negative effects before you have yerba mate.

The side effects of Yerba Mate drink:

There are some significant health risks associated with the use of Yerba mate which may include liver damage as well as carcinogenic effects. However, there is no definite study to conclude that the above is completely true. So we do not know for sure if the risks are real.
Some studies have shown that yerba mate may cause cancer specifically mouth and throat cancer. But the population on which this study was conducted drank hot yerba mate tea from straw, which is kind of unusual. Hence, the study remains confusing as the hot burns may have been caused due to the hotness of the drink and not because of the chemicals present in it.
Liver damage:
There was a certain case in which excessive yerba mate consumption was associated with liver damage. But again this case was not definite.

Yerba mate is a unique caffeinated herbal tea. It has some potent health benefits but on the other hand there seems to be some negative effects on health as well. If you are hooked on to this tea, then please limit your dosage and do not drink with a straw.


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