Yoga: How to Do Anantasana (Lord Vishnu’s Pose)

Anant Asana, Lord Vishnu's reclining pose, helps to stretch and tone your pelvic joints and thighs.

Steps to Do Anant Asana:

  1. Roll over to lie on your right side on a flat surface
  1. Support your head n your right palm with elbow on the floor
  1. Lift your left leg up and hold it with the left hand
  1. Bring it down slowly and roll over to repeat the same pose on the left side
  1. After finishing, lie down on your back and relax






One thought on “Yoga: How to Do Anantasana (Lord Vishnu’s Pose)

  • November 10, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Very interesting yoga asanas defined for thebenefit of diabetics . Pl follow atleast a few asanas to rid yourself off diabetic complications

    Pitchaiyer Krishnamurthy

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