Many young women have thick lustrous hair doubling up their beauty. At the same time many of their male counterparts struggle to hide their premature balding. Although we just call hair loss by a single name hair loss or alopecia research shows that there are 46 types of hair loss caused by different factors. The reasons for hair loss can be heredity, childbirth, medications, diabetes, infections, stress, dieting or anemia.  Since excessive hair loss points at a medical condition it is important to consult a doctor.

The hair cycle

You don’t have to panic if you see a few strands of hair in your ponytail holder, floor or on your comb right away. The average lifespan of a hair is 3 years,  ranging from 2 to 6 years. Once it is fallen new hair replaces the old one in no time. As part of this cycle everyday there is some possible hair loss which you don’t have to fret about.

Blame it on your lifestyle

As the world leaps on with more and more advancement we find ourselves less inclined to look after our health and the least, our hair. We apply a lot of hard chemicals on our hair, brush our hair coarsely and do not wash it regularly. Washing hair once a day is important as our hair becomes a repository of sweat, dirt and bacteria. It can’t be denied that we are not taking proper care of our hair by giving it the right kind of nourishment. All what we are bothered is about our good looks, shine and setting. But what our hair needs is health and good pampering!

Women using rollers, wearing pigtails or cornrows can experience traction alopecia which may alleviate once they stop this merciless pulling of hair. Did you know that hot oil treatments can also cause hair loss?

Hair loss therapies and programs

We see a lot of hair loss questions on the TV and on the web from people who have resorted to all sorts of hair loss treatments and still have not found a real cure. Probably you are not doing the right one for your hair type.

The role of the Trichologist

A trichologist comes to the scene at this point of time. He can play a pivotal role in preventing further loss of hair.
When you decide a hair loss treatment for hair you probably have seen its advertisement on the TV or perhaps, it was suggested by a friend who had positive results with it. But you are not thinking about your own constitution which is entirely different from that of his. You can surely achieve beautiful hair by getting to know your hair type and by caring for it in the right way. A trichologist can help you find your hair type, scalp condition and thus make a diagnosis on your hair loss. You may need to take hair analysis and blood tests to reach the correct diagnosis of your problem. Your trichologist will also point out the deficiencies in your diet which may be the reason for your hair or scalp problems.

What are you waiting for? Go and get the help of a trichologist right away!

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-Aparna K V

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