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Diabetes | High Blood Pressure | Cholesterol | PCOS | Arthritis | Sexual Disorders etc

Rs 500 per consultation - 30 minutes via phone / WhatsApp - 2 free followups for a week

Why Ayurveda ?


Ayurveda Is The 'Science of Life'

Focus On Prevention And Not Only Cure.

Healing Properties Of Plants And Herbs

Uses Curative Forces In Our Body.

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Ayurvedic Treatment For



Bleeding Piles

Dental Pyorrhoea


Back / Joint Pain

Hair Loss

Sexual Issues

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Ayurvedic Products

Trusted, Genuine and Natural

Mukta Vati For Hypertension

Kanchnar Gugulu for PCOS

Triphala For Constipation

Curoslim for Weight Loss

Ashwagandha for Virility

Arthonil for Arthritis