1. Absorb the knowledge
Each and everyone is well informed about the ill effects of smoking, however, smokers tend to turn a blind eye to these harmful effects. It is time for you to open your eyes and read as much information as you can find on the ill effects of smoking. This will really motivate you to kick the habit.

2. Keep a journal handy
Keep a small diary handy. Start by writing down all the reasons why you want to quit this habit. Include the smallest possible reason like smell better on a date and don’t forget to leave some page to add up more reason later. Also write the reasons why a small part of you is unwilling to give up this habit, this will help you understand your emotional self better.

Start your day with writing affirmations in this diary such as “I am a non-smoker” or “I am not going to burn my health by smoking”.

3. Take help from a friend
Having friends who care for your well being is essential. Such friends will offer you support and encouragement every time you feel you are about to lose your self control.

4. Eat Healthy
Smoking is a habit. The moment you quit your body starts reacting unfavorably. Just like having tea in the morning, the day you skip you tend to feel groggy. However, if you really take good care of your diet and nourishment you body will cope better with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

5. Sleep Well
Lack of sleep makes your mind restless and increases the cravings to smoke. Seven to eight hours of sleep will refresh your mind as well as your body. At times you may find it difficult to sleep soon after quitting, try taking nice and refreshing walks in the evenings.

6. Water
Water will really aid in flushing residual toxins from your body thus beating back smoke cravings. When you are properly hydrated your body will feel much better, which will really assist your body in coping with nicotine withdrawal.

7. Exercise
If you exercise on daily basis then you must continue doing so. However, if you don’t then this is a good time to get started. Select a physical workout you will enjoy, this will help you in continuing with it for a long time. At least half an hour of physical workout is must. For those sudden urges to smoke, take a walk as and when they strike.

8. Start afresh everyday
You need to strengthen your resolve one day at a time. Every day you spend without smoking will make you stronger. When you seriously take out time to ponder and triumph at the smoke free day you have spent, you will find your will strengthening to experience more such triumphs.

9. Be thankful
Just keep reminding yourself that you are finally quitting a habit that you have long wanted gone. Be thankful to yourself for taking this bold step for your own sake as well as those around you.

10. Accept and let go
Just relax and don’t fret as and when the cravings surface. Do not fight or resist them, they will only become stronger. At the most the carving last for five minutes. Take those five minutes as the healing time of your day and let the cravings go away.  If necessary, use a natural smoking cessation aid.