Everywhere you turn people are talking out physical fitness. It’s like the in thing to follow in this era. Regular working will definitely improve your health, however, you need to keep few tips in mind in order to prevent any injuries.

1. Get a routine fitness test: Visit a physiotherapist or your doctor before you start with an exercise regime. Any sudden change in your routine may cause stress to your body. If you are suffering from any serious ailment such as heart disease then you must inform your fitness instructor in advance and get your fitness routine modified accordingly. Your doctor will also give you diet advice which will work in your favor.

2. Be gradual in increasing time and intensity of your workout: It has been noted that in the initial stages of working out people are extremely enthusiastic and tend to word too hard. Your body needs time to adapt so you must start with moderate exercises for half an hour for three to four days. Then you can increase your time and intensity accordingly.

3. Consult a personal trainer: in the beginning you may not have any idea about how to get started. This is where a personal trainer will help you. He will understand your body and then design a suitable exercise plan and diet regime for you. This designed workout plan will be highly beneficial in the long run.

4. Warm up is essential: A warm is extremely essential part of your fitness and most people tend to take it lightly. A warm up prepares your muscles and joints for more rigorous workouts. Five minutes of walking, jogging, or simple aerobics will help prevent any muscle injuries.

5. Never workout on empty stomach: It is not advisable to work out after eating a heavy meal. However, you must also not work out on an empty stomach. Your body needs fuel to exercise. Eat light food, like a toast, about two hours before exercising.

6. Water: Dehydration is the enemy of workouts. Drink about two glasses of water two hours before exercising. You must also drink little water while you are working out to make up for any water loss due to exercising.

7. Here what your body says: Your body will give you signs of fatigue or weakness that you must not ignore. If at any time you experience shooting pain, giddiness or weakness then you must stop immediately. This is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right and you need to rest. If you continue working out even though you are in pain then this will gradually turn into more severe issues.

8. Rest and recover: sleep is one way to gain back on the lost energy, however, you must also take some days off to rest your body. Working out for long hours can cause severe stress to your body. This also leads to loss of immunity.

9. Cross training: Same workout everyday can cause boredom very easily, hence, you must do cross training as well. This will give your body a complete workout without causing too much stress.

10. Wear your sports/workout gear: you must wear good quality footwear, clothes that wicks sweat and keep you fresh. And you must not forget any other safety accessory assigned by your fitness instructor.