Did you know that you can eat healthy and enjoy good health without really spending big bucks?  So, how can you save money without compromising on your health?  Here are some very cost-effective tips that you could use to enhance your health without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Drink water all day: Quit soda and drink water. Carry a water bottle everywhere. Avoid buying bottles of mineral water.
– It is great for health
– Costs no money

2. Eggs for breakfast: It is extremely healthy, especially boiled eggs.
– High in proteins.
– Loaded with proteins.
– Comes with a small price tag.

3. Pack lunch, don’t eat out: It is much healthier and a big money saver to carry your own lunch.
– Fraction of cost of eating out.
– Hygienically prepared and packed by you at home.

4. Avoid Junk Food: Stop buying junk food. It burns a hole in your pocket and has the potential to cause irreparable harm to your body.
– It is unhealthy.
– It costs lot of money.

  5. Buy vegetables from local farmer: If you search you will find an area close to you where farmers sell fresh vegetables. Spend a few hours every weekend shopping for meat, fruits and vegetables for the next week. Also, take note of the price of purchase that way when you buy from a supermarket you will know the price difference.
– They are fresh, so definitely healthier.
– They are cheaper.

6. Keep your eyes open for bargains: Spend an evening browsing through stores and supermarkets to know where to find what you need at lower price. That way you will know that the variation in price for the same food item may greatly differ from one store to another. Keep store coupons handy and keep a lookout for offers in your local newspaper but keep an eye out for the expiry date on items. Do not go searching for cheaper food items to far off stores, you will only be spending the spared money on fuel and wasting your time and energy.
– Money saved.
– Enjoy offers and discounts.

7. Buy generic foods: Packaged foods may be available from different manufactures. Some may come with a better packaging and a bigger price tag. The taste and quality of the food may be almost the same. Stay away from bigger brands, food is food, so buy generic products without concentrating on the brands. This is more commonly observed with food items like jam, sauce, butter, cheese or breads.
– Money saved.
– No difference in the quality of foods.

8. Make a List: Before going shopping for food items make a list of all the things you may need. It has been observed that going without plan to a store you may end up buying more than what you need. So plan ahead.
– Make a list of what you need.
– Go to the grocery store, buy what is on your list and get out!
– Save Money.

9. Avoid shopping on empty stomach: you may end up buying lot of munchies, which cost a lot and are unhealthy.

10. Eat produce in season: Buying watermelon in winters will obviously be expensive. Have all your favourite foods in the season they are produced. Then wait for the next season.

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